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Ashley Madison has built a sad reputation over the years. As the first popular dating site for extramarital affairs, it attracted the attention of the press. But no matter what people say, this is a popular dating site full of people who want to expand their horizons. 

The review is useful for the Chicago reader and for others who are looking for married dating, casual encounters or have niche sexual preferences. In this Ashley Madison review, we’ll let you know if it’s right for you.

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Ashley Madison: a short overview

As a specialist with 5 years of experience analyzing sites, both sugar daddy sites and other niche sites, I have analyzed hundreds of Ashley Madison reviews, so below you will find a special review with a clear description of the platform. This platform is different from most dating sites.

General Information

Number of users60 million members worldwide
Male to female ratio70/30
Time to end sign up process5 minutes
Payment systemPayPalCredit cardDebit cardsChecksGift cards
For people seekingPeople who want excitement and passion in the bedroom againIf you’re looking for discreet funPeople who are looking for open and polygamous relationshipsThose looking for casual sex and socializingPeople looking for extramarital affairs

Ashley Madison sign-up 

Joining Ashley Madison is easy and completely free for women. All you need to do is enter the basic information: age, marital status, height, weight, etc.

You can then browse profiles to find someone to chat with. You must provide an email address, but it’s a good idea to use a separate Ashley Madison account that does not contain your real name or other identifying information.

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How to verify an account? 

To verify your account, you will receive a message to the email address you entered during registration. After reading the information in it, you will be able to go through the verification process quickly and without problems.

How does Ashley Madison work? 

After analyzing hundreds of Ashley Madison reviews, I can say that whether you’re single, in a relationship, or adventurous, Ashley Madison may have just what you’re looking for. With its large number of “available” candidates, you should have no problem finding connections if you approach the dating site correctly. 

Ashley Madison works like any other dating site, you fill out a profile and then search for people. And with those with whom you will have a match, you will be able to chat on the platform.

Ashley Madison pros & cons 

I covered everything you need to know in our all-new Ashley Madison 2024 review, starting with a general overview of how the site works and then detailing the Ashley Madison user experience firsthand. But if you want a quick summary, check out the pros and cons of Ashley Madison.


  1. A very active community: Ashley Madison claims to have more women than men.
  2. Finding a steady connection or hookup is easy: Ashley Madison users are here for a reason. They are not playing!
  3. Intuitive interface and design: It’s easy to navigate the platform, even if you don’t use social networks often.
  4. Discreet and anonymous: Users can choose anonymous profiles (with fake accounts with fake user data), discrete billing, discrete payment methods, and discrete access to desktop and mobile applications.


  1. There are scammers and fake profiles on Ashley Madison, but they are easy to spot if you know what to look for.
  2. In 2015, there was a data breach. This has since been fixed, but users are understandably wary.
  3. Quite expensive: see personal details of the credit system below in our review.
  4. Complex pricing structure: Ashley Madison uses a combination of credits and subscriptions to charge Ashley Madison members. It can be difficult to keep track of how much you’re actually spending.
  5. Pretty big Ashley Madison cost, and you need to pay in order to have better results
Ashley Madison dating website

Ashley Madison cost 

The Ashley Madison subscription is different from the payment model used by most online dating services. Male users must purchase Ashley Madison Credits to start a conversation and access premium Hookup features.

Women looking for married or single men on the dating app can access all the features, including sending and replying to messages, for free. And while creating a profile and downloading the Ashley Madison app is free, male members, female members or other members looking for women must purchase credits.

Free features 

You can use the service for free or try free guest membership.

  1. Send messages is free for women.
  2. You can read at least the first messages in your inbox for free

Cost of services 

On the Ashley Madison home screen, you’ll see a big, colorful button that says BUY LOANS. If you don’t know by now, they want you to take out a credit card!

The Ashley Madison cost of the loan may vary and may also depend on your region or depend on special offers and promotions. Here’s a general idea of ​​what to expect from loans.

Credits are sold as a credit package under the Basic, Classic, and Elite plans on which you can spend money. Buying credits will help initiate contact male members with women or men at Ashley Madison’s. You need to pay to find what you want faster.

Basic100 credits$59 (1 credit costs $0.59)
Classic500 credits$169.00 or $0.34 per credit
Elite1000 credits$289.00 or $0.29 per credit

Is Ashley Madison free?

Yes, you can use the site as a guest member and use the site with free credits, which allows you to try the site without paying for full membership. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial here to see what the site looks like before becoming a paid member.

ashleymadison discretion matters

Ashley Madison Audience 

With its unique audience, you won’t be surprised that there are millions of people around the world. Most of the traffic comes from big countries like the USA, UK, Canada, and Brazil. They are mostly middle-aged and older men.

Ashley Madison dating site is quite famous as a “romance site” where people can find any form of arrangement, even if they are married or in a relationship. So if you look at the profiles, most of them are married people looking for a low-profile relationship. But not only fraudsters register. Ashley Madison also has many users looking for casual dating and sex.

And some users just broke up/separated from a long relationship/marriage and don’t want anything serious. Ashley Madison has a diverse group of open users. Finding a pair won’t be a problem as you have all the options you could wish for. And most importantly, hundreds and thousands of active people are just waiting for you to start a conversation.

Age distribution

  1. Only people over the age of 18 can register on the site. 
  2. The average age of users on the platform is 25-35 years.

Scams and fakes

The Ashley Madison dating site is known for a bad history of many fake profiles and scammers. But at the moment, experts on this site try to minimize the number of fakes as much as possible. And the number of real profiles is quite large now. You can browse user profiles easily.

Ashley Madison Mobile App 

Both the website and mobile app are fairly easy to use, and after a quick sign-up process, you can immediately start looking for potential matches on the Discover home screen. You can download the mobile application for Android here, and for iPhones here.

Also, with a well-organized and easy-to-understand interface, you can easily find and navigate to the platform’s most important site’s features and settings, such as news, profile pages, favorites, etc.

Ashley Madison app

Security issue

Ironically, this self-proclaimed secret dating site was the subject of a massive data breach in 2015 that exposed the personal information of millions of its users. However, despite this setback, the site remains a popular destination for those looking for exciting things to do.

Ashley Madison was later acquired by new owners (Ruby Life Inc.), who implemented new security features to fully protect user privacy and restore the site’s reputation. For example, the site implements a two-step verification option for an additional level of security.

Still, customers can become victims of fraudsters if they unknowingly share their information with other malicious users. Although Ashley Madison’s scams have decreased significantly, you should be aware that the risk of fraud still exists.

To that end, take extra precautions when joining the site, such as B. Using a separate email address, a pseudonym, and fake photos, and limiting the amount of personal information you provide. The Ashley Madison system also has a strong data protection system. And the Ashley Madison legit is.

User Experience 

More than half of the Ashley Madison platform’s users says it’s not worth the time, money, or anything at all. People especially complain about many fake profiles and scammers. But the other ± 40 percent of people say that the site is not so bad after all, the main thing is to be able to determine whether the person in front of you are real women & men or not. Women can also use one free message to send some male users hi or something else. Men looking here mostly for an extramarital affair.

Special features 

The Elite plan gives you access to “Ashley Madison Premium” which gives you 24 hours of Ashley Madison free chat and “Priority Man” status. Priority Man places your name higher in search results, making it easier for interested users to find your account.

Your Ashley Madison subscription also gives you access to a variety of features, as described below.

  1. Features of travel

Various Ashley Madison reviews highlight the possibility of using the platform on the go. In particular, if you are interested in meeting someone when you are not at home, you simply need to filter the search results by location and/or distance from your current location.

  1. News

The messaging feature is only Ashley Madison free for women looking for men. To send a free message and paid message (provided you have or buy credits, if any), simply click the chat icon under someone’s profile picture, or log into their Ashley Madison profile and click Send Me a Message.

  1. Virtual gifts

You can also spend your Ashley Madison credits on “virtual gifts,” which are a great way to get the attention of a potential match. Depending on the quality of the virtual gifts, you can count on up to 50 credits for these virtual goodies. You can send virtual gifts to lonely housewives, other female profiles, and other members.

Ashley Madison blog
  1. Discreet photos

By setting up their Ashley Madison profiles, members can upload both public and private photos, which you can unlock when they send you their “private key”. To further hide their identity, users can also add masks to their faces or edit certain body features.

  1. Priority mail

If you want your messages to appear at the top of the recipient’s inbox, you can use the priority mail Ashley Madison feature. You’ll have to spend extra credits to do this, but at least you’ll get a confirmation when you read the message.

  1. Message plus

This Ashley Madison site paid feature allows you to reply to messages you receive without spending any credits. Even after you’ve spent your credit, you can still chat with users you’ve paid to connect with before. Note that Message Plus is free for 30 days with any credit plan.

  1. Alarm button

Ashley Madison makes the app and the official website less risky, the company’s developers have also implemented an “alarm button” that will instantly log you out and redirect you to the family’s website.

  1. Priority person

Using Ashley Madison Priority Man’s premium feature, you will easily stand out from the competition in your area, as the platform will make your profile stand out in all local search results.

Credit System 

Instead of a subscription model, Ashley Madison chose a credit system. Men using the platform must pay for credits to be able to interact with other users.

Credits are cheaper the more you buy, and different promotions require different amounts of credits. It’s a little more complicated because Ashley Madison wants you to spend more money on her platform! Fortunately, it’s worth considering what you could potentially get out of the deal.

On the one hand, it’s great that you only pay for the services you use. On the other hand, it is still expensive! However, women can do everything for free on the Ashley Madison platform, which is why Ashley Madison maintains such an active user base.

Ashley Madison testimonials

Customer Service 

Ashley Madison wants singles and married people to have a good time on the site and app, but more importantly, they want all Ashley Madison members to be safe.

The online dating customer service team requires each member to have a valid email address and zip code, and moderators review every photo and public text exchange. If you run into any problems, customer support is available by phone and mail, as well as 24/7 via email.

Scam protection

In order for you to have reliable Scam protection, we have found a video that talks about 5 New Online Dating Scams in 2024 that you can fall for if you are not careful. So you can watch the video for your safety here:

Ashley Madison video review 

I also found an Ashley Madison site video review for you from a trusted source. In it, a human reviewer tested the site at various times. The review also proves that there are more male members looking for extramarital affair than women on the site. Other members are looking for serious relationships.

You can easily watch this video here. This video review also nicely proved that Ashley Madison legit is. 


After analyzing Ashley Madison reviews, it can be confirmed that the site also has a fraud detection system and uses SSL encryption to protect your data, so you can be sure that your information is in Ashley Madison safe. Also great that women can send messages for free.

Currently, the most that Ashley Madison boasts is improving the security system and reducing the number of fraudsters and fakes on the site. Only you decide whether Ashley Madison worth it is.

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