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If you’re interested in marriage, then you’ll know that your bank account isn’t the only thing to consider. If you’re seeking a long-term relationship, you should also consider your net worth, and whether or not your prospective spouse has a high income. Seeking Arrangement helps you make these important decisions.

The site is built upon the principle that money is an important factor in successful relationships. The owners of the site feel that the only way to be successful in today’s economy is to have money. In this Seeking Arrangement review of the website, you will find all the important information about the site, its special features, pricing, etc. 

SeekingArrangement main page
?Uses modern technologies and scientific methods for profile matching
?Members may also use the website’s customized filters to find their perfect-match partners with ease
?There are several useful contacting tools to assist you in finding your best-fit profile.
?No iPhone-friendly application for mobile users 
?The site is a bit heavy and loads slowly
?Fake profiles have been reported

Seeking Arrangement Expert’s Short Overview

Seeking Arrangement is a website offering advice and assistance to individuals who are interested in arranging a marriage with a wealthy person. It was launched in 2006 by Brandon Wade. The site provides a matchmaking service and features members mostly based in the United States.

The website has a number of interesting features. For instance, you can keep in contact with your matches in a virtual diary. The site also has a dating profile where you can post pictures. You can also make your profile attractive by completing a questionnaire. You can use Seeking Arrangement free search for potential mates by age, gender, marital status, ethnicity, religion, and other traits. For those who are looking for love, the site provides the best marriage advice you’ll find online. Furthermore, it provides the best recommendations, along with a list of links to relevant web pages and reviews of the site.

Dozen Seeking Arrangement reviews note, that this is one of the best dating sites for those who are seeking love. Let’s look at the pros and cons of this app.


  • The site provides several free benefits to users who prove their identification after signing up;
  • No-hassle dating arrangements for like-minded ladies and gentlemen;
  • An easy-to-use UI with a plethora of features;
  • Safe and secure;
  • Excellent reputation;
  • Multimillion userbase;
  • Over 15 years in the business.


  • Fuzzy; deviates from sugar daddy dating brands while providing comparable services;
  • The mobile app is only available for Android devices.
SeekingArrangement features

How Does Seeking Arrangement Work?

The biggest misconception about Seeking Arrangement is that the site works like a dating site or an escort service. The way that Seeking Arrangement works is that you meet someone and through a ‘dating coach’ or ‘career advisor’, you negotiate a ‘match’ with the potential partner. You may have more than one partner, and this is usually the case.

This means that they are actually dating, but with the help of a professional facilitator. The facilitator does not want anything in return; they just have the goal of creating a mutually beneficial arrangement. The facilitator may have a financial or time benefit from you as well.

This is a very interesting and different way of doing things and is not common practice in the mainstream dating scene. This model only works if both parties are aware of it and if they understand how it works. This is also the case if the facilitator does not want any form of direct benefit from the members (as they will not be paid for this service). The facilitator is paid for a set number of new relationships that are created. For this, you pay a membership fee and there is a set monthly fee.


Registration Process

The signup process is simple and takes a few minutes, to do this you just need to provide your email address. Alternatively, you to log into your Facebook accounts instead. By linking your account to a social networking site like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, you may stand out from the crowd and receive a badge attesting to the legitimacy of your account. College students can sign up using their school email address. They now have the option to upgrade to the premium membership.

When you Seeking Arrangement sign up for a free account, you’re given a unique member ID. Your ID is also your password. Your ID allows you to edit your profile, and it lets you search through the profiles of members in your database. If you are seeking a life partner, you can also send messages to members through the site.

Profiles Quality

The profiles on Seeking Arrangement range from those who are obviously seeking love connections to those who are seeking friendship or companionship. It’s difficult to say whether the Seeking Arrangement site promotes any form of self-improvement. There are profiles that list items such as a good career or job, a positive income, a good lifestyle, and/or good morals. 

People on the site tend to have a “disassociation” mentality. They will often try to play it safe, not putting their real personal details. Sometimes they will use fake names. I would think that people who are using these sites do it because they don’t want to be judged by their real-life persona. But when you find someone who seems to be genuinely interested in meeting up with you, you will know what they have written on their profile, or what they will say to you when they meet you. 

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Mobile App

The app is super simple to use and available in over 130 countries. Each profile has different information, so it’s important that you don’t include your real phone number or sensitive personal information.

The app is free to download and easy to use. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll be taken to the Seeking Arrangement homepage. After that, you can browse local profiles, browse the entire catalog of women who have chosen to be on the app, and you can see who has already chatted with you. Also, you can use the filters on the app to browse by age, location, and even how much they are willing to pay for dates. As soon as you’re ready to start seeking women, you can browse profiles by distance. You can sort the women based on distance from you as well as by their likes and dislikes. The free account lets you message people, but you’ll need to upgrade your account to see who’s available for messaging.

The Seeking Arrangement mobile app is one of the most popular dating apps for meeting wealthy older men and young girls. This app connects individuals seeking someone to spend their time, money, and most importantly their heart with wealthy people who have everything they need. 

Special Features 

  • Boost;
  • ID Verification;
  • Vibe.


Your profile will receive exposure and visibility for the whole 24 hours of this feature.

ID Verification

Having an ID verification badge demonstrates your identity. Simple as snapping a fast picture and a snapshot of your government-issued ID to be matched to your profile. You will notice a verification badge show up on your profile once the team has confirmed your ID;


Members can share still images and brief, unedited films from their daily lives using this function. By providing details about one’s daily life, it maintains the authenticity of profiles.

SeekingArrangement app

Seeking Arrangement Pricing

As already mentioned in this review, the site is free to use, but for those who want to have access to advanced features, there is a premium subscription. It is worth noting that there are no Seeking Arrangement credits, as on most of these sites, but there is a one-time premium package. Here are the prices for the main premium packages.

Membership/CreditsDuration/QuantityPrice per Month/One CreditTotal
Premium for Males1 Month$109.99 $109.99 
Premium for Males3 Months$96.66 $289.99 
Premium for Females1 Month$19.99 $19.99 
Premium for Females3 Months$15.00$44.99

Free Services

  • Messaging for women;
  • Creating an account;
  • Adding members to the “Favorites” list;
  • Search function;
  • Accessing the “Viewed Me” tab.

Paid Services

  • Messaging for men;
  • “Boost” to highlight the profile;
  • Removing ads;
  • ID verification;
  • Sending gifts.

Seeking Arrangement Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

There are several alternatives that work just like Seeking Arrangement. You can post your pictures, get to know your matches online, and even start a conversation with your matches. There is nothing ‘off limits’ on these sites. You can talk about your education, your family, religion, your aspirations, your interests, your hobbies, and other topics as well. People at this site are seeking what they are seeking, and there are no ‘rules’ about who can join. Let’s dive deeper into the best alternative apps for the Seeking Arrangement site and find out what they offer.

SeekingArrangement success stories


SugarDaddyMeet is one of the best Seeking Arrangement alternative sites. It is important to remember that this fantastic adult chat was introduced in 2007 and that since then, millions of wealthy men and young women have come to love it. Finding singles is simple with our massive member base of over 6.9 million people, of which over 5 million are the most gorgeous young beauties. Although SugarDaddyMeet and conventional sugar dating websites are similar, there are a few distinct variances.

For starters, there is a premium membership available, which costs a one-time fee of $50/month. It is worth it if you are a sugar daddy looking to spend time with a woman, and would also like the benefits of the premium membership. Benefits of the premium membership include the ability to search for female sugar babies based on their ethnicity, and the ability to see their physical attributes. On top of that, you will get access to thousands of sugar daddy-seeking women and there is no limit to the number of premium accounts you can have.


SecretBenefits is a website based on the sugar baby/sugar daddy relationship. It focuses on the lifestyle between the two and their relationship. People who are in relationships with sugar daddies can find a huge help and support from the community, and of course, find a great relationship to help in the lifestyle.

The website is free to join, and you do not have to use your real name to join and become a member. The site is based on the idea that a sugar daddy can make things easier for a younger woman. If you are seeking a more established relationship, maybe you have had success in your search for a sugar daddy, then you should join SecretBenefits. If you have been searching for sugar daddies for a while you may find someone new to have fun with.


EliteSingles is a popular website similar to Seeking Arrangement. It was launched 3 years later, but also became one of the leaders in this niche. It is worth noting that EliteSingles is operated by a reliable company Spark Networks, which has 25 years of successful experience and owns other well-known dating sites such as Zoosk, SilverSingles, eDarling, etc. So if you’re seeking a worthwhile Seeking Arrangement alternative, then EliteSingles is definitely a great choice.

SeekingArrangement contact page

Seeking Arrangement Safety & Security

The safety of Seeking Arrangement members is at a high level. It is worth noting in this review on the Seeking Arrangement dating site that this website uses McAfee Site Security technology. This technology attempts to determine your suitability of you to access the website based on certain parameters. The use of this technology is in accordance with the terms of the McAfee Service Agreement and the McAfee Anti-Spam Policy.

Customer Support

The company Seeking Arrangement supports users and has a wealth of industry knowledge. They are always accessible to respond to your inquiry as soon as they can. Users can benefit from them in a number of ways. To resolve any issue, you can contact Seeking Arrangement’s customer service team.You should call the number provided on the official website if you have any complaints about the app. Users of Seeking Arrangement have the option to communicate with the customer support representative. The hotline is available around-the-clock. The team is always prepared to give you the information you want whenever you need it. You will undoubtedly receive the necessary help as soon as possible.

Seeking Arrangement Review [Is Seeking Arrangement Legit?]


In conclusion of this Seeking Arrangement dating site review, it is worth noting that this is a very popular dating site for young people on the Internet. It was first launched in 2006 by Brandon Wade. This is a very popular site for young people and adults over the age of 45. It is not easy to get into, but it does have its perks. One of the main reasons this site is so popular is because it gives both members a way to make money through various ‘matching funds.’

When you register at Seeking Arrangement, you are given a credit line and a cash account. The site is operated on a pay-to-play basis, so members can earn money through the matches they make. If they make an ‘engagement,’ then the members have to pay a certain amount in fees to get to a certain level. 

Seeking Arrangement is one of the fastest-growing sites on the Internet and it has over 20 million members. While some claim that this is simply a ‘dating website’ for rich people, other people know that it has become a social site for all people who are looking to make friends. It’s a place where people can come together for social activities, make business connections, and meet for a date. It doesn’t matter if your interests lie in business, education, entertainment, or another area, there are people on this site who will connect with you.

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