EmilyDates Review 2024

Currently, there are a lot of sugar dating sites, so to make your choice easier, we analyze sugar daddies and sugar babies online dating sites. This is not the first time our specialists have analyzed sugar dating websites and other niche dating sites.

So if you are looking for a professional EmilyDates review, below our experts have detailed all the important aspects from registration, partner search, and profile quality to price and features. In addition, we analyzed hundreds of Emily Dates reviews in order to make an accurate assessment of the visit site.

Overview of Emily Dates

Emily Dates is an online dating site with over 1.5 million monthly users worldwide. Despite the fact that the site has been reviewed many times by both users and experts, a team of experts decided to conduct a thorough study this year to find out whether this communication platform is worth the money now.

Our specialists visit site, purchased a subscription, studied the site from the inside, and analyzed the stories of the site’s users. So let’s take a look at the results of our 2024 survey of this online sugar dating site.

EmilyDates main page

Registration on Emily Dates website

Any adult user 18 years of age or older can visit site and create an account on Emily Dates for free by following the steps below. And the registration process is a quick and easy process. 

  1. Visit the official sugar dating website
  2. Please enter a valid email address and name
  3. Choose the date of birth, gender, and place of residence
  4. Create a password
  5. If you want to verify your account or income, you can submit the relevant documents to their support team.

The first impression

Most of the profiles on Emily Dates’ sugar dating site are quite detailed, which is good news for those who are sugar babies, sugar daddies, who are just looking for a relationship, and who just want to have fun. 

During testing, specialists noticed that Emily Dates work, because they started online communication on a free membership easily. And when a premium account was purchased to test the paid features, some testers got date organization with a real person, premium members, and other members on this EmilyDates website.

Profiles in this dating site are divided into the following sections:

  1. Vital data: age, location, rank
  2. About me
  3. Gifts (provided by participants)
  4. Goals (who the participant is looking for, what relationship they expect to find)
  5. expenses/incomes
  6. looks
  7. Personal information (interests, habits)

Most users, especially Sugar babes, upload a lot of private and public photos. You can also see if a member’s profile picture is verified. Its advantages are also listed on the sugar dating website, and they are true. Among them are a support service, a good audience, and others.

EmilyDates features

Filter and search

There are 3 types of search filters on EmilyDates.com:

  1. All participants
  2. new member
  3. Participants are online

Regardless of the type of search you use, you can apply additional features: location, body type, age, weight, height, hair color, eye color, relationship, children, smoking, alcohol consumption, and more. 

Note that some filters are free to use and some are only available to premium members. For example, a search with body type is paid. Your search results will show people who are most suitable for your interests.


Here are communication tools to interact with other members on sugar dating Emily Dates after visit site:

  1. Like the profile
  2. Send a wink
  3. Send messages
  4. Give virtual gifts

Messaging and sending gifts are premium communication features. About half of the participants are looking for a sugar relationship, but there are those who are also looking for a normal relationship.

EmilyDates search

Membership structure

At the moment, almost 2 million users are registered on the Emily Dates site, of which almost 30% are sugar daddies and sugar babies. Every month, 1 million or 1.5 million active members visit site. Other users are not so active, but also visit the platform often.

As on other sugar dating sites, more women are looking for benefactors, but the good news is that the gap is not that big – on many platforms, 80-90% of women are sugar babies looking for sugar daddies, on this one, it is not the case, as more than 40% just looking for a life partner, and their love, not money and sugar partner.

Tips for using the site: dating fundamentals

The tips are suitable for those who are looking for sugar relationships, or a serious relationship, generally speaking, these tips are suitable for everyone.

  1. Create a decent profile. You can be a great person, but if your profile doesn’t reflect that, no one will know. Check out Emily Dates’ most popular female profiles or male profiles to get inspired and create your perfect profile.
  2. Photos should reflect your status and/or appearance. When you are a small child, you need to show off your beauty. If you are a sweet daddy, you should disclose your status.
  3. Send messages to female accounts that have recently registered on the site. If you make the first move, you increase your chances of getting a response.
  4. Create a letter template and send it to potential partners. This will save you a lot of time and make communication on the Internet much easier.
  5. For best results, send at least 5-10 emails per day.

You can also read reviews about other dating sites and sugar sites, such as Ashley Madison’s review with its Ashley Madison score.

EmilyDates users

Emily Date’s profiles: personalization and specialties

After testing the Emily Dates sugar dating site, we noticed the following specialties.

The Emily Dates site is suitable for:
Singles who want to try Sugar Dating on a quality platform
Generous men who love natural female beauty
Women who prefer handsome men with a good sense of humor
The Emily Dates site is not suitable for:
Single people who are interested in friendly acquaintances
Men who want the sexiest girls
Women who need a modest and insecure man

Regarding the personalization of data in profiles, most often profiles are completely have detailed descriptions about a person. And this is quite a pleasant fact because it is easier to find exactly the people you are looking for.

How to create an engaging profile?

Below, you can find TOP tips, how to create an engaging dating profile in sugar dating Emily Dates. The tips are suitable for those who are looking for a sugar baby, and for those who are sugar babies.

  1. Keep it clean – Your online dating profile is not the place to post some grotesque word!
  2. Keep it simple – it makes it easier for users to remember
  3. Make your profile a little personal – Choose a word or phrase that reflects something about you. Some people also use their initials or their first name and adjective

You cannot fill out your profile like this:

  1. Don’t be obscene – you will come across as a shallow person who wants nothing more than a physical relationship
  2. Don’t use your full name – we’ve seen people do this before, but it’s best not to give out all of your personal information at once. Get to know the person first!
  3. Relationship Status – We recommend being completely honest here
  4. Age – be truthful. Many people will use age ranges to find potential matches. Besides, you wouldn’t want to find out later that the person you were talking to is actually ten years older than you, would you?
  5. Location is also a very important piece of information to include in your online dating profile, as it will affect who appears in your results, as well as whose results you appear in.

The mobile application

Unfortunately, our specialists in Emily Dates review did not find a ready-made mobile application for the iPhone. But currently, there is a ready-made application for Android, you can download the application here in the Play Market.

Also, don’t worry, the mobile version of the site is good, so you can use the site without the mobile app for looking for a sugar baby, sugar daddy, or usual dating relationship.

EmilyDates app

Free and paid features

In case you just want to try out the features of the Emily Dates sugar dating platform, you can not buy credits for a while. 

Standard members can still use some free features, including logging into their profile, editing their profile, uploading a profile picture, sending winks, adding profiles to favorites, liking them, and using basic people search. If you want to access other functions, you will have to pay for credits (buy premium features). Paid membership starts from $29.99.

How much do premium services on Emily Dates cost?

Emily Dates Premium users can view all photos, including private photos, use all EmilyDates search filters, appear higher in search results, and share contact information with other members. 

The prices for premium features are as follows:

25 credits$29.99
50 credits$39.99
150 credits$79.99
500 credits$199.99

So you can try premium membership for only $29.99.

Premium features and our experience with them

Some dating sites use a credit system and some sell premium plans. With EmilyDates you get two in one – a single credit package that includes 20 credits and costs $29.99 or $15 off and gives you 3 days of premium.

With the Premium tariff plan, our testers were able to:

  1. Start conversations with female users of the site
  2. Share our contact details with women
  3. View photos in secret albums
  4. Make our profile appear higher in search results
  5. Send virtual gifts (they cost extra credits)

So, does the system offered by this sugar daddy site work? In fact, because it makes messaging absolutely free for 3 days and allows you to share contact details, which automatically makes further conversations with a woman free when you go on WhatsApp or any other messenger.

Of course, the testers were only able to describe the experience in this part of Emily Dates’ review. Apparently, the free winks didn’t work as well as the private messages sent to the woman.

EmilyDates payment

Our specialists talked a lot with women, because the “deadline” was quite tight, and we wondered if anyone could find a partner in such a short time. The good news is that it is possible – the community is quite active and most of the women they met were interested in chatting.

They also agreed to share their contact details after the testers chatted for a while to get to know each other a little better. But 3 days was not enough, so they paid another $15 (there were discounts) to spend more time on the site.

Even though it was only 6 days of premium for $30, it was worth it because they had a real chance of finding a partner and continued to talk to some girls without renewing our premium plan.

Customer support

The Emily Dates dating website has a special section with frequently asked questions and their answers. The questions are broken down by topic, so all you have to do is select the topic you have a question about.

EmilyDates support

If you could not find an answer to your question in this section, you can write to the technical support of the sugar website here

Or you can also email them at the email addresses below.

Avoid fake profiles and bots

Of course, we couldn’t help but mention the security system in our EmilyDates review. The Emily Dates team takes member privacy and security very seriously.

The platform uses the best data encryption technologies, does not transfer data to third parties that do not provide services to users, moderates profiles, and takes into account all user reports regarding security and anti-fraud measures, so you are unlikely to encounter fake profiles and bots. 

EmilyDates security


If you’re asking if Emily Dates is worth your money and effort, we’d say yes. Emily Dates review showed that it is a high-quality and functional dating platform with an affordable price, traffic, and users from all over the world. We also failed to find a fake profile. And many profiles were pretty detailed, so in our opinion, this platform is one of the top sites.

So, if you want to try a mutually beneficial relationship or sugar babies & sugar daddy relationships, you should visit site and then register on this communication platform. There are no secret benefits visit site on the platform, so it is up to you whether you will use it or not.

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