How to Become a Sugar Baby?

How to become a sugar baby? Finding potential sugar daddies is easier than you think! Sugar arrangements can be different: there may be a monthly allowance, PPM, etc. All in all, it can be compared to regular dating, but it is built on a monetary basis, so there is nothing wrong with such a relationship. If you want to find sugar mamas or daddies, we’ll tell you how to do it easily and become a perfect sugar baby!

how to become a sugar baby

Top Rated Sugar Babies Websites

Before becoming a sugar baby and going on the first date, you need to know how and where to look for potential partners. We can say for sure that top sugar daddy websites are the best in this case. We have selected several of them to make the search process easier for you.

  1. BeNaughty. BeNaughty offers an entertaining dating field where everything is possible. A sugar daddy or a sugar mom can join this page to meet young, lively, and sexually active singles. All you need is an email address to get started. Our experts consider BeNaughy the most promising place to meet a sexy young woman or a young man due to the sexually charged atmosphere. It is not uncommon to see half-naked photos on BeNaughty or sex with a stranger within seconds of the hello. Any member who identifies as a woman – whether it is a budding sugar baby or a sugar mom – can send messages on BeNaughty for free. Men, on the other hand, have a limited number of free messages that they can send before they have to upgrade to a premium subscription. This paid plan costs less than one dollar a day.
  2. AdultFriendFinder. Adult Friend Finder is an adult dating site where sex is a high priority. Singles and swingers log in to AFF to let go of their inhibitions and follow their secret desires without fear of conviction or reproach. The AFF registration process requires members to provide an email address, gender, and age. Members do not have to upload photos that show their faces. This means that a budding sugar daddy can remain anonymous while searching the sex network for a sugar baby. The AFF community has over 103 million members worldwide – not exactly the most exclusive dating club, but one of the most exciting and erotic. The site allows its members to post nude and half-naked photos, and it also has a live video streaming service where beautiful women can earn favors and attract attention by hosting a strip show.
  3. Ashley Madison. Ashley Madison can shake things up in the dating scene by allowing singles and not-so-singles to connect freely. The affair dating site is an absolutely exciting place to meet someone and arrange a secret sugar relationship. More than 65 million men and women have explored Ashley Madison since its introduction in 2001. The adult dating site offers enough free communication tools to help singles and connected people build a real connection. Ashley Madison welcomes sex-driven people who want to find romance at the lower level. Sugar Daddys and Sugar Mommies can mask or blur their faces in their photos to protect their privacy and keep their true identity secret.
  4. FriendFinder-X. FriendFinder-X is an online dating site dedicated to inspiration for sexual relationships between adults of all ages, orientations, and backgrounds. All members must be at least 18 years old and fill in a personal ad to access this sex and swinger network, which contains suggestive photos, videos, and blogs. Sugar Daddys and Sugar Mommies can upgrade to a premium membership to make the most of their online dating experience. Gold members can send messages to anyone they want on FriendFinder-X, and any potential baby sugar can respond to incoming messages regardless of membership status. It is one of the most popular sugar daddy dating sites.
  5. lives up to its name by providing a lot of online flirting tools for single men and women. The hookup website can help a person get out of their shell and pursue hot sex or a sugar relationship without hesitation. It costs no money to set up a dating profile and send a bulk message to each active member that matches your search criteria. However, men have to pay a fee if they want to have a conversation with a young woman. All women enjoy completely free communication on dating website, while men must prove their worth in order to have the right to notify beautiful ladies.
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Why Become a Sugar Baby

As a sugar baby, you often spend a lot of your valuable time with the Sugar Daddy. Whether this is about erotic aspects can be regulated individually from couple to couple. What financial benefits the Sugar Baby can expect?

Most sugar babies are often students who can enjoy a better lifestyle through their relationship with their sugar daddy. The gentleman supports the lady with cash: he makes regular payments for his mistress. Luxurious gifts such as jewelry or works of art can also be provided. The Sugar Baby also benefits from luxury traveling, dinners in the best restaurants, or visits to concerts or other cultural events. But the reasons may be deeper: it depends on the person.

Tips to Know Before Sugar Dating as Sugar Baby

We have prepared some helpful tips to make your sugar baby online dating experience enjoyable. Sticking to these recommendations, you are guaranteed to have mutually beneficial relationships.

Discuss Money in Advance

It is crucial to discuss all the monetary questions at the very beginning: how much your sugar daddy will pay you, in what way, etc. In retrospect, many Sugar Babes regret that they were too shy to talk about their expectations at the beginning of their first Sugar Dating relationships. But the reality is that if you don’t know what you want, you won’t get it either. 

Come Up With the Age of Your Potential Partner

There are different types of sugar daddies: you will find both young guys and really old gentlemen. So, think about the age difference that is acceptable to you. 

As important as it is to say what you want, you should not forget that no one is forced to support you. Your potential Sugar Daddy should see that you are worth spending time with. Show yourself your best and make sure that you do not make him sad about your personal and financial worries. 

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Be Safe and Avoid Fakes

Remember that safety always comes first and that it is best not to make an appointment offline until you know each other very well. When you go on an offline date, make sure someone knows where you’re going and where you are!

Also, dating sites are often full of fakes! There are so-called salt daddies, who pretend to be sugar daddies, but they really want to enjoy your youth and beauty without paying a penny! Don’t be shy to ask the daddy to show you some proof of his income: an understanding and experienced sugar daddy will never blame you for it.

How to Become a Good Sugar Baby

When you find yourself in the world of Sugar Dating for the first time, confusion and questions can quickly arise. How do I find the perfect Sugar Daddy? What can I expect? How do I find a good deal for gifts and meetings? And, one of the most important aspects, how do I manage a Sugar Dating relationship that both parties are satisfied with?

  1. Plan in advance. Surely it is not a good idea to talk about money matters in the first message, but try to address the topic right at the beginning. Because the further you push this topic of conversation, the more difficult it will be later to get your wishes through. So prepare for your first date as if it was a business meeting – and have the right arguments ready.
  2. Be clear and precise. Don’t be shy to express your wishes and what you expect in return.
  3. Diplomacy, no dictatorship. Since you want to be treated like a lady, behave like one. Your potential Sugar Daddy wants to see what awaits him in a relationship with you, so show how educated and smart you are. Say clearly what you want and ask whether he feels good about it.
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Pros and Cons of Being a Sugar Baby


To begin with, it is worth considering all the advantages that open up for a girl if she chooses a relationship on a material basis rather than the traditional one. Why being a sugar baby is good?

  • Financial well-being. This is the main goal of girls who become sugar babies. As sponsors, rich and successful men are chosen who will be able to provide the girl with a luxurious life and satisfy all her Wishlist.
  • No responsibility. Life without worries – what could be better? The only thing the Sugar Baby has to worry about is which country to fly to on vacation and which handbag to pick up to match the new shoes that the sponsor gave her.
  • Lots of free time. Sugar babies are lucky in this regard. Firstly, they do not need to work since all financial issues fall on the shoulders of the sponsor. Secondly, a relationship with a patron is not a traditional marriage, which implies that you will have to spend a lot of time with a partner.
  • Minimum requirements from the partner. Often, the requirements of sponsors for babies are much more modest than those of husbands for legal wives.


However, the role of a sugar baby also has its downsides. Some girls are ready to put up with it; others are not.

  • Sponsor dependency. Since the girl is fully supported by the sponsor, she is completely dependent on him.
  • The sponsor can manipulate the woman. Since a man has a certain power over a girl, nothing prevents him from using this advantage for his own purposes.
  • The woman feels empty. When the period of saturation with blessings passes, there may come a moment when the kept woman realizes that she is nothing of herself.
  • The condemnation of society. Many people do not understand how relationships can be built on a material basis. Not all girls are ready to put up with this.
  • The absence of an emotional component. Since relationships are built on a material basis, it makes no sense to talk about feelings. If a lady falls in love with her partner, disappointment awaits here.
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How to Find a Sugar Daddy in Real Life

There are different ways to find a sugar daddy offline, but we must warn you that it will be much more complicated. You can visit luxurious bars, cafes, and open lectures for businessmen, but it will result in nothing. We strongly recommend using dating websites. 

How to Succeed at Sugar Baby Websites?

So, you have chosen a sugar dating site you want to use. But how to succeed and find perfect sugar relationships there? Here are some tips to boost your chances.

  1. Start with a dating profile and make it nice. Yes, only one! If you are just starting your journey as a Sugar Baby, your first instinct may be to find as many Sugar Dating sites as possible and sign up on all of them. You may think: What do I have to lose? The more profiles, the more options to choose from…right? Not really at all. Not only would it be counterproductive to waste your time and efforts across multiple platforms, but it could also prevent you from making the meaningful connections you need to build the relationship you aspire to.
  2. Invest time in your mind. You can have his eyes on you as soon as you enter the room (or when he opens your page). But it’s the content of your conversation and the way you make him feel that he will remember you. World events, wines you like, your hobbies and interests… Make sure you have something interesting to work out on topics like this.
  3. Live your life. Don’t cancel a meeting with a friend because of a new sugar daddy, and don’t miss a class to meet him. Show him that you are a busy person who leads a full life! Let him know that you spend time with him because you want it and not because you have nothing else to do.

How to Talk With Sugar Daddies?

We have selected several tips that will help you communicate with sugar daddies. 

  1. Inform yourself about his interests. Ask sugar daddy questions about his interests before the meeting so that you can have a conversation about them. If your Sugar Daddy likes to play golf, get to know the names of the best players and ask your Sugar Daddy for free lessons. He will surely be enchanted by you!
  2. Listen with interest and curiosity. Don’t just let yourself drift into your thoughts while he speaks. Don’t just listen, but actually try to listen. Do not cut off his sentences, and do not quickly change the subject. This will not only make him feel more comfortable, but you will also understand whether he is the right person to spend your time with.
  3. Be optimistic. There are enough bad things in everyday life, so there is no need to focus on those when communicating with a sugar daddy. Be optimistic: that’s what they expect from you. 
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Risks at Sugar Dating for Sugar Babies

Understandably, there are some risks associated with this dating type.

Online Risks

Understandably, online sugar dates are safer than offline dates, but not all sugar daddies are good people: there are sugar daddy scammers as well. Here are the problems you may face.

  1. The possibility of running into scammers.
  2. Data leakage.
  3. You may be blackmailed.
  4. You may face lots of lies.

Offline Risks

  1. You may be kidnapped, abused, etc.
  2. The daddy may be rude. 

Remember that if you are careful and remember your boundaries, nothing bad will happen. 



If you are a sugar mommy (or if you are a toyboy or sugar baby looking for a sugar mama), you can enjoy online dating using one of the sites we recommend: they are suitable not only for sugar daddy relationships. Most sugar daddies want attractive women to enjoy their free time together, so if you are a sexy lady eager to become a sugar partner, forget about everyday worries and bad moods when you are with your man: many sugar babies make this mistake. Also, take care of your sugar baby profile: it must be flawless. Good luck!

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