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Millionaire Match is the largest, most exclusive, high-end international millionaire dating service. With hundreds of thousands of successful marriages and over 5 million individual subscribers worldwide, MM is the ideal platform for successful, well-heeled singles to meet in an all-inclusive, fun, and safe environment.

As a dozen Millionaire Match reviews note, this dating service is perfect for people who are looking for romance, passion, and a lasting relationship. Its exclusive matchmaking services have produced the highest percentage of successful marriages to date. If you are interested and want to know more information about this legit platform, then read this Millionaire Match dating site review.

?One of the most popular dating sites that pioneered a go-to for individuals searching for partnerships, hookups, and flirts.
?The mobile app is available for free download and is compatible with iOS and Android devices.
?Has a large membership base, increasing your chances of finding more matches.
?The matching process is algorithmic and geo-based, it is not possible to actively search for people with comparable interests.
?Despite the site’s efforts to monitor accounts, there are still some fake profiles. 
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Millionaire Match Expert’s Short Overview

Millionaire Match is a dating service, that provides its users with a unique, effective, and confidential way of finding a life partner. The site was founded in California by Jason Du in 2001. Users, who number over 5 million, can browse, search, and match with people based on their interests, experience, age, location, and more. It helps match users based on what they do, where they live, how long they’ve been single, as well as the characteristics, values, and attitudes shared by their potential matches. Millionaire Match is the place to find your love. 

Millionaire Match was specifically designed to meet the needs of wealthy, single men and women. The site’s users are affluent individuals and well-educated people. The users’ average age is 34. According to a review, their users have an average net worth of about $2.3 million. They are often married but prefer to date, and prefer to look for dating partners with similar career and marital statuses. Millionaire Match’s users include lawyers, bankers, entrepreneurs, engineers, and physicians.

Members of the Millionaire Match site have a lot of options when it comes to finding matches. Each match is reviewed by a professional matchmaker, so the site is confident that the matches are fair. In addition, the site has other benefits, which are described below.


  • High-quality members;
  • Over 2 million monthly conversations;
  • Luxury lifestyle blog;
  • Over 20 years in the business;
  • Privacy safeguarder;
  • Certified millionaire badges.


  • There has been a 20% increase in fake profiles on the Millionaire Match website during the COVID-19 pandemic.
MillionaireMatch features

How Does Millionaire Match Work?

One of the biggest differences between Millionaire Match and other dating sites is that Millionaire Match is dedicated solely to helping match people who want to date millionaires with millionaires.

This site can help you look for someone who is at least a 6 on the Millionaire Match 6 Scale (a scale where 1 = a millionaire and 6 is a millionaire that is looking for a non-millionaire woman) and who is looking for a serious relationship. At the moment, we are the only site that specifically sets out to connect millionaires with non-millionaire women. Its goal is to make the dating process simple and help users meet through a safe, fun, and easy experience.

We want to do this by providing a clean, safe, secure, quick, and easy way for people to meet. To find a way to do this that also made sense for us and our users, we had to design a system that would let us provide a clean environment for people, while also allowing us to create a great matchmaking experience.

Registration Process

The Millionaire Match signup process is very simple. The site makes it very easy for you to set up a profile, and you can get a complete profile and contact information instantly after registering for a free account. To Millionaire Match sign up you need to fill up such fields as:

  • Email;
  • I am(man/woman);
  • Looking for(man/woman);
  • Password;
  • Location;
  • Age;
  • Username.
MillionaireMatch create account

Profiles Quality

In this Millionaire Match review of the website, it is worth noting, that every profile is designed to be as quick, clean, and easy to read as possible. Millionaire Match is able to make a user profile look like a professional profile and give people their potential matches a chance to read. You set the profile level at “6” (a six on our 6-scale) so that you can find others like you. Millionaire Match doesn’t want people seeking a person who is only a 1 or 2 on its scale; Millionaire Match wants you to find someone like you who is looking for love. Once you are ready to go looking, Millionaire Match will match you up with someone within minutes to up to one hour of submitting your request. You’ll receive e-mails letting you know when we’ve found your match.

Mobile App

The Millionaire Match mobile application is a revolutionary mobile application for iPhone and Android users. This dating app comes with a beautiful interface, is free to download, and allows users to communicate with each other instantly. This app helps find millionaires by matching their requirements and preferences.

Basically, the Millionaire Match app can be installed easily using an App Store or Google Play on your device. Millions of users use this app in their day-to-day lives, and it has almost every feature. Users can also view other users’ pictures and profile information. Users can send their matches to each other and chat with the matched one.

As the Millionaire Match mobile app claims to bring millionaires to you, you need to meet millionaire criteria and get accepted into the millionaire match system. After your application is submitted, you will be matched with millionaires seeking equal soulmates. The Millionaire Match app also works with filters and sorting for users to get the desired profile. This is the main function of this app. The Millionaire Match mobile app uses the photo feature to find matches. You can use this app to find a single or married woman with great looks. This app also allows you to use advanced search options. You can search for women with your ideal weight, skin, age, height, etc.

MillionaireMatch app

Special Features 

  • Luxury Lifestyle Blog;
  • The Match System;
  • Filters.

Luxury Lifestyle Blog

The website’s blog feature allows users to publish blog entries. The most current blog posts, their authors, and their number of views are all displayed under the Blog tab.

The Match System

The match system is the heart of Millionaire Match, and what it does is pretty incredible. When you join Millionaire Match, you have the choice of two matching methods. The first one is Millionaire Match standard match method, and it’s the method that you’ll find in most of the free membership sites. This is the method where you’re matched up with a millionaire whom you may be interested in contacting.

The other matching method is the paid match system, where you’re matched with a millionaire for whom you’ve been specifically selected. You’ll typically get 1-2 matches in the paid match system, and it’s a process where you’re matched up with one man or woman who you’re truly interested in dating.


Members can also filter their matches based on how well-educated the members are, their country of origin, as well as their geographical location. Plus, members can search the site based on their ethnicity, which is something that most other sites don’t offer.

MillionaireMatch blog

Millionaire Match Pricing

Millionaire Match is a dating site designed exclusively for affluent men seeking to connect with attractive single women. With a focus on creating a genuine and meaningful relationship, we want to provide you with the best possible platform to find someone special. The Millionaire Match concept is simple. This online resource provides you with all the features you need to find someone who matches your desire, style, and personality.

After the first Millionaire Match login attempt, you can select a Gold membership duration (one, three, or six months). Gold members receive instant access to all sites and are able to send unlimited text, video, and photo messages and emails. In addition, members are able to send and receive unlimited text messages and photos. Let’s discover the Gold Millionaire Match cost.

Membership/CreditsDuration/QuantityPrice per Month/One CreditTotal
Gold1 Month$70.00 $70.00 
Gold3 Months$56.67 $170.00 
Gold6 Months$45.00 $270.00 

Free Services

  • Millionaire matchmaker;
  • Luxury Lifestyle Blog;
  • Millionaire Match free search engine;
  • Dating advice & safety tips;
  • Mandatory verification.

Paid Services

  • Live chat support with an MM counselor;
  • Unlimited messaging;
  • Advanced search filters;
  • Raising your account to the top of the search feed;
  • Certified Millionaire badge.
MillionaireMatch VIP members

Millionaire Match Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

There are several Millionaire Match alternatives where you will find a huge range of people who are looking for partners to enrich their lives. Most of these sites offer many alternatives for your choice in your own personal profile, and for your compatibility. Some also offer a more relaxed environment where you are paired based on a set of compatible interests and have more relaxed conversations about subjects, you both love. Here are the top 3 alternative sites.


SecretBenefits aims to match users based on the way that they want to be with their ideal partner. A user is paired with another based on a set of compatibility questions, and a profile of both users is provided to prospective matches.


EliteSingles site is similar to Millionaire Match in that you have a choice between several different options. You can search for members by age, interests, location, and many other options. is the oldest and one of the most well-known not scam millionaire match sites. They have millions of singles registered, 2.6M people have already met someone on Match, and this number is growing every day. They provide several options for searching for members, including “Search for People”, “Find a Relationship” and “Connect with People”.

MillionaireMatch success stories

Millionaire Match Safety & Security

Millionaire Match is a safe dating website. The safety measures put in place are aimed at keeping people on the site safe and preventing any abuse. The Millionaire Match website uses a range of technology, as well as standard security practices, to keep your information safe. All communication takes place over a secure, encrypted server, and all financial transactions take place over a secure payment gateway.

The system used by Millionaire Match also offers great value for both singles and companies. For singles, the Millionaire Match site provides a secure and easy way to search for potential long-term partners. Companies can find the right millionaire matchmaking agencies and matchmakers through the Millionaire Match site.

Your information is protected by industry-standard security. No one can access it from the Millionaire Match website, or from any other external servers. The security measures are constantly updated to counter the latest threats to your security. When we have confirmed a new threat, we do what we can to upgrade the website to make your security even safer.

Customer Support

The Millionaire Match Customer Support department (referred to as MMCS) is the customer support department for the online dating website The department consists of a wide variety of departments and staff, and the aim of the department is to provide a fast and accurate response to all support requests. The department consists of seven areas: FAQs, Help, Contact Us, Feedback, Special Events, and the Team.

MillionaireMatch support


The “FAQs” section includes a comprehensive list of the most frequently asked questions.  Each question is categorized and has a brief description of what the question is and how to get an answer.  As new FAQs are answered, they are added to the list.

The FAQs were developed as a direct result of customer feedback from previous service issues.  Customers often found it difficult to find out what FAQs had already been answered or what FAQs would be useful in the future.  The FAQs section was developed to include the FAQs that needed to be answered and the best way to get them answered.


The Help section is very straightforward. This area includes the many guides available that detail how to use the site, as well as the many guides and forums that are specific to the area of interest.  For example, under the “Guides” tab is a guide to using the matchmaker to find new members.

As the Help section is such a large area, it is divided into a number of different categories.  These include such things as matchmakers, profiles, online dating, safety, security, etc.  

MillionaireMatch FAQ


The “Money” section includes a section for people who have money questions and a forum specifically for discussing those complaints.  This is not where money problems are generally discussed.  Although money issues do show up in the Matchmaker, the Money section is meant for general questions about money and to help people learn to manage their finances.

Contact Us

The Contact Us section has many different areas.  In addition to using the “Contact Us” link to reach the different departments, it is possible to reach the different departments by using the “Contact Us” tabs on each department.

MillionaireMatch Dating Site Review [Real Millionaires or a Scam?]


In conclusion of this review on the Millionaire Match dating site, it is worth mentioning that it was founded in 2001 by Jason Du. The concept of Millionaire Match is based on a study done by the University of New Hampshire, which found that the most successful marriages were those in which the partner and his or her family were affluent. Because of Jason’s success, he was approached by Silicon Valley, California-based investors and asked to develop a spinoff. He was asked to create an exclusive website where you could meet potential partners.

He also created a software application to make the process even easier. When the site started, there were a few thousand members. For the first three months, the site had a conversion rate of about 2%. However, the conversion rate was only going up when new members were attracted to the site. 

The main popularity boom came in 2015, when Millionaire Match deleted over a thousand user profiles for not matching its criteria, with the users being “either not attractive or too poor” to be on the website. After that, only active users were on the site, mainly from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany. Most of them are young girlfriends aged 18-30 and mature rich men aged 45-64 who are looking for mutually beneficial relationships. If you meet these criteria and are also looking for a similar relationship, then hurry up to register on the Millionaire Match.

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