Sugar Baby Scams: The Most Common Schemes

There is a vast number of men who would love to date a hot sugar baby or sugar momma and have a fun time. This type of dating is prevalent all over the world. Older guys have always been interested in young ladies. What is remarkable is that people no longer have to hide their desires. There is a significant number of sugar daddy sites where older and wealthy men can easily find young girls willing to spend time with them for money. Sugar dating implies dining in the best restaurants, going to luxurious resorts, and attending social events. 

It all seems nice and cool, as who does not want to spend some time with sexy and hot young chicks? The only thing every sugar daddy should worry about is the sugar daddy scam online. Unfortunately, sugar daddy scams exist, and anyone unaware of its signs can become its victim. 

So we decided to discuss the most common sugar daddy scams and help you avoid them. With such a vast number of people at dating establishments, you never know what to expect. Even if you join a reputable sugar daddies dating service, you still need to be aware of some sugar daddy scammers who can turn your life into misery. Let’s talk about it in detail. 

Sugar Baby Scams


Unfortunately, blackmailing is the biggest sugar daddy scam that people who look for relationships with benefits face. How does it start? Let’s say you joined a dating site with many young women who look super hot and sexy. They start sending you messages; you enjoy conversations, and one day, one of the girls (of a few of them) asks you to send your nude photos. 

Girls say they like you and want to have some fun online. Most men are usually surprised as men are generally the ones who want to look at girls’ nude photos. Still, you do not want to disappoint and lose a girl you like, so you send her nudes. 

What happens next is she asks you for money, sometimes very big sums threatening that she will upload your photos on the Internet. This is such a typical and dirty sugar daddy scam that leaves men vulnerable. In the end, men agree to send any money to have their nudes on the Internet. 

How To Avoid Sugar Daddy Scams Like This?

A real sugar daddy with experience knows that real sugar babies never ask for nude photos. They respect men and are more interested in arrangements than nude media files. In order to not regret putting your nudes into a chat, ban women who ask you to do so. They are scammers, and all they hope for is for you to make a little mistake and then manipulate and threaten you. 

Money Before Meeting

Every sugar baby dreams of meeting a generous sugar daddy who would treat her like a princess and buy her everything she desires. However, the difference between real sugar babies and fake ones is that real ladies are willing to put in their time and effort to get money. The fake ones are coming up with lies to get free money. 

This type of sugar daddy works this way: you meet a hot-looking lady at sugar daddies platforms, start chatting and arrange a meeting. However, the lady always comes up with an excuse for why she can not meet you. At the same time, she keeps you interested and asks for presents or money. Those men who send money to a woman’s bank account get scammed right away. The woman never comes for a date and disappears. 

Also, a woman can tell you about her stolen credit card, so she can not receive money and will ask you to send it to her cryptocurrency account. This is even worse as you will not be able to track your money at all. Or she can send you fake checks as prepayment for clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry. This is a typical harsh scam. If you want to treat a woman to something she likes, take her to a store and get her what she likes, but never send her money to buy it. 

fake sugar daddies

How To Avoid This Sugar Babies Scam?

If you decide to try sugar dating, then you need to remember that you and a woman have to start with arrangements. Women get money after they spend time with men (whether they go to a restaurant, attend an event or go on holiday together). Remember to never send money in advance. You need to see a woman in real life and see how she treats you. In some cases, you can meet a woman and transfer money to her bank account via a cash app right away, so she knows that she has been paid and can spend quality time with you.


Often sugar daddies face so-called catfishing scam, which is when a woman uses a fake photo. Stealing someone’s photo from social media is easy, plus there are programs that generate photos of women who do not exist. This type of scam is also common among fake sugar daddies. However, women use catfishing more often as they want to get easy money. 

How To Avoid This Type of Scam?

If you see a picture of a sugar baby who looks super hot and reminds you of a supermodel, ask her to video chat with you. Do not ask for more photos, as she can quickly treat you to pictures of someone else again. Video chat is the best way to see if a woman is real. If she finds excuses not to chat via video, she is probably a scammer. 

How To Spot A Scam?

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Scammers are usually targeting people who are vulnerable, easy to manipulate and lie to. If a woman tells you that she fell in love with you (however, you never met her in real life), she is a scammer. If a woman does not want to turn on her webcam when chatting, she is a scammer. Finally, if a woman constantly asks for money and presents, she is a scammer. Any sign of unfair and suspicious acts should make you worry. If you do not want to have lost money, ask for customer support assistance or ask to check the ID of a sugar baby, you are interested in. 

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Tips To Protect Yourself From A Sugar Baby Scam

Meeting hot, sexy, and young females through social media and popular dating sites and apps seems like a great idea. Meeting sugar babies in real life and having fun together sounds even more exciting. However, there are rules that every sugar daddy must know before he joins a sugar date website.

Tip 1: Always make sure the woman you chat with exists

When you see photos of a woman that remind you of supermodels, it is better to check how true it is. The best way is to arrange a video chat and have a webcam conversation with a lady. If she refuses to do it, her photos are fake, just as she is. 

Tip 2: Do not fall for her “I love you”

You would probably want to hear from a young and sexy girl you just met via social media that she loves you. However, as an experienced and wise man, you should understand that young girls are just willing to be sugar babes for older guys for money. Do not let young women fool you and make you do whatever they say. Protect yourself from women who chase money. 

sugar daddy scammers

Tip 3: Never send money upfront

Many sugar daddies think it will not hurt them if they send a lady a present. However, this is a hook fake sugar babies want you on. You should first establish online companionship and gain each other’s trust before you can commit to something more serious. And even when you think the lady matches you and you are interested, do not send money to her bank account. Once you send a gift, she will keep asking for more until you find yourself fooled. 

Tip 4: Never share your personal information

Remember that any information you share on the Internet becomes vulnerable. Once you send a nude photo or tell sensitive details, they are gone. As we discussed earlier, sugar baby as well as sugar momma scams include using people’s information for manipulation. You do not want your successful life to turn into a nightmare when you start receiving threatening messages from women who are about to share your sensitive information on social media. 

Reasons To Use Moderated And Specialized Sugar Dating Sites

If you want to feel secure and protected, you should undoubtedly head to professional, experienced, and trusted services. Read independent review reports and find the names of safe apps and social media platforms where you can meet people for mutual benefits. Such services are usually very strict and carefully check each and every user making sure his/her intentions are genuine. 

If you are a sugar daddy who is willing to treat girls nicely and pay them good money, then head to a quality platform where fake sugar daddies and female scammers get blocked straight away. These services are paid. However, this is where a sugar daddy or a sugar momma can feel protected and get help in case something goes wrong. 


By the end of reading this article, you should have a better idea of how sugar daddy scams work. Every guy wants to get a hot girl and have the best time of his life but do not rush to your cash app and pay girls, so they fall in love with you and do whatever you ask for. In the sugar dating world, it does not work like this. Never send money to women from the Middle East, Asia, and other countries, as finding a scammer abroad will be even more difficult. Always think ahead and use the services of experienced and trusted women who respect men and play the roles of sugar babes properly.

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