Sugar Momma Scam: Avoid It Easily

Scammers on dating sites are more common than princes and princesses. Everyone can become a victim of a scammer – a young girl or an old man. Criminals carefully select their victims among those who are looking for love and easily apply their schemes to gullible users of dating services. Often, along with faith in sincerity and a bright future, people lose money and even their own reputation. Unfortunately, sugar momma scams are also widespread. How to tell if a sugar momma is real? Learn more here. We will show you all the most common sugar momma red flags.

Common Types of Sugar Momma Scams

Online dating scams usually start innocently. Fraudsters create fake profiles that are as attractive as possible and wait for someone to meet them. They may also be the first to initiate communication by mentioning common interests or claiming to know the victim in some way. Once the victim is “hooked,” the scammer’s options are unlimited, but there are the most common sugar mama scams described below.

Social Networks Sugar Momma Scam 

Social networks play an increasingly important role in our daily lives, and scammers are increasingly taking advantage of this. They are finding new ways and platforms to scam people for personal information and money, as social media has become one of the most lucrative sources of income for scammers. Sugar momma scam on Instagram is met frequently.

So, there is always an incredibly generous woman ready to pay for anything: from your utility bills to an expensive trip to Dubai. As a rule, everything begins with a message like this: “Hello, I am a hot lady willing to become your sugar momma! I live in LA, and I’m so willing to spoil you! You are handsome like a god, and I would consider it a pleasure to provide you with a generous monthly allowance!” It sounds attractive, right? The scheme is always the same: you are offered money at the very beginning, without communication at all. Real sugar mommas never do it; remember that. Such sugar momma Instagram scams always end the same: you lose your money. It may happen differently: fraudsters know many ways to do it, so beware when you see messages of this type. How to know if a sugar momma is real? She never starts a conversation like this.

sugar mama scams

Money Scam 

There are two main types of money sugar momma scam, so if you are facing one of those, immediately end your communication with such a person.

  • Fake screenshots. Imagine the situation: a hot momma reaches you on a social network, on a dating site, etc. You start communication, and she wants to send you some money. She pretends to do it (but you believe her, understandably) and sends you a screenshot. She asks you to send her an insignificant sum of money to verify the transfer, which is in the pending period. After this, the fraudster disappears.
  • Advance-fee scams. In this case, a fraudster sends nothing – a person simply asks you to send her a small amount of money to verify you are real or using another reason. After you send $5-$20, a person disappears.

The only thing you should remember is that any documents may look real, but it does not guarantee they are. Also, never send money! You are a sugar baby, so it’s not your responsibility. Unfortunately, plenty of toyboys and sugar babies fall victim to such Instagram sugar momma scams.

How to Spot a Fake Sugar Momma

We have gathered several things that will help you identify sugar mommy scam on Instagram or dating site.

Weird profileAttempts to transfer communicationRapid manifestation of feelingsCircumstances that interfere
When studying the profile of your interlocutor, there are several signs that you should pay special attention to:
– There are very few photos, or they look too good.
– The interlocutor is looking for acquaintances in your region but lives in another country.

When using apps, attackers and bots add very little information to the profile and only one or two photos. Also, the profile, as a rule, is not tied to Instagram and other accounts on social networks. Sugar mama scam on Instagram is also met: in this case, the profile looks really luxurious, but there are no personal details at all.
An online dating scammer will quickly offer to move the conversation outside the site where you met. Often, attackers prefer to communicate using text messages via Skype or Facebook. However, it is also possible via SMS or a messenger like Whatsapp.

Be especially careful with people you don’t know in real life which wish to chat on another platform.
It is another sugar momma scam type. Fraudsters tend to move quickly into an emotional conversation. After a short time, they may confess love or deep affection.

This sugar momma scam trick is part of the emotional manipulation often used by scammers during online dating, which is why receptive people who lead solitary lives are particularly desirable targets as they crave new connections. You should pay attention to interlocutors who begin to show their feelings at the very beginning of communication when you have not yet met them in real life.
The most common strategy of a sugar momma scam is when an attacker wants to meet with you, but unforeseen reasons prevent the meeting.

Since the fraudster is not the person he claims to be, he naturally does not want to meet in person at all. For this reason, many attackers say that they work in another country or anything like that.

Check Sugar Momma Profile Photo 

Scammers rarely use their own pictures to attract attention. More often, these are stock images that can be easily found using a Google or Yandex image search. By uploading photos of scammers (potential) to the search engine, you will be able to interrupt communication before the start of the sugar momma scam.

Study the Profile 

As a rule, scammers present themselves as managers, financiers, investors, in other words, highly paid specialists. All pretend to be divorced and have adult children – respectively, a lady will entirely belong to the new passion.

Also one of the main points is the love of travel. Some separately note that the man they are ready to meet should always be ready for quick gatherings and trips to distant countries – who would refuse to see the world and have a good time at someone else’s expense? That’s why this type of sugar momma scam is widespread.

Ask About Bio

During communication, ask as many personal questions as possible. Ask about education, family, job, neighborhood details, personal preferences, etc. If a person pretends to be a layer but talks like a person with no education at all, beware. Also, if you notice a lie or any other weird information (fraudsters use different life stories, so they sometimes don’t remember what they told this or that person), it is also a warning.

Be Careful With Money Questions 

Please be aware that sharing personal information about yourself can be dangerous. Do not rush to share links to your profile on social networks, do not post intimate photos, and do not send pictures with documents, even if your love does not believe that you are 18. Remember that bank details are confidential information. If the interlocutor shows a suspicious interest in your money, end the conversation. Sometimes you may even be asked for financial assistance or investment in a fictitious business: beware, it’s sugar momma scam!

Sugar Momma Scam

Real Stories of People Who Suffered From Sugar Moma Scams

Now, let’s take a look at several real stories of people who suffered from scams.

Story by Howard

Hi, I’m Howard, and my story started like an ordinary communication. We communicated a lot on Instagram and then continued in one of the messengers. We exchanged photos and private information, so I would never have thought she could betray me! She got my banking details, and once I noticed that more than $6,000 was gone! She disappeared as well! I was overwhelmed and shocked! 

Story by Bert

I started communicating with Veronica when I desperately needed money to pay my rent. I had about $600, and it was not enough. She got to know it and offered she would send me the amount I needed. I was so happy and ready to do anything to please her! She sent me a screenshot ($5,000) and asked me to send her $200 to confirm the transaction. My money was gone, as well as she! Later on, my friend told me this scheme was a common one, but I had a little experience then, so I had no idea such people existed. Be careful, guys.


As you can see, one must be super attentive and careful when using modern dating platforms and even social networks. There are plenty of people looking for partners there, but fraudsters are also present. Be careful, check all the information, and don’t send too intimate photos. You already know how to spot a real sugar momma. Good luck!

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