Cougar Life Review 2024

The Cougar Life dating site was formed back in 2006 by a Canadian firm called Ruby Life Media. It decided to focus its attention on younger men searching for older women. There are over 7 million users who are active online, making it a fantastic place to locate what you desire. Through this Cougar Life review, we will discover the ups and downs of such a platform. 

We shall also learn how to be successful with the ladies on this dating website. There are now more and more men who see the great benefit of being with a mature woman. So through a site like Cougar Life, this is possible. It is simple to use the website, and there are plenty of opportunities to chat with attractive women. So if your thing is older women, you need to keep reading to learn how you can make your dream come true. 

CougarLife main page


The good news is this process will not take you all day long. Users who are interested in registering with Cougar Life dating site can complete it within a few minutes. Then the real fun can begin, which is searching for perfect older women. Users will be required to add details about themselves, which we will get into in the next section of the Cougar Life review. The good news is that there are not too many fake profiles here. This is because cougar dating sites require users to click the email verification link to complete registration. So this helps keep away many fake accounts on the dating service. 

Sign Up Process. Is It Easy Here? 

Now onto the step-by-step guide users will need to complete to open a Cougar Life account. As we said, it will not take too long, so after a few precious minutes, you can start looking for mature ladies. It is always good to see a nice and straightforward sign up process when we do our Cougar Life review. With dating sites like these, users can add a few pieces of information, then move on to more glamorous things. 

The first thing users will be required to do is add theirs:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Strong password
  • Height
  • Eye color
  • Ethnicity

These details will be helpful for everyone who reads your profile page. The more data you add, the more attention you will get. With Cougar Life online dating, there is also a second part of the signup procedure. This entails adding a photo that is not obligatory but is certainly recommended. You can also add a greeting that tells others about you when they come across your page. 

Then cougar dating asks users to fill in a questionnaire which is not mandatory. These questions are: the most significant achievement in your lifeб, how do you spend your evenings, etc? These give other clients a better understanding of your character. It will certainly assist you in finding mature women. This type of sign-up process makes Cougar Life one of the best dating sites to use. This is how Cougar Life work, it is nice and simple to get started. 

CougarLife create account

Are the Accounts Real Here?

Like all dating sites out there, you will always get fake accounts. When you enter the Cougar Life dating site, you just need to have common sense. Dating platforms are renowned for fake profiles; it is part and parcel of using these websites. As long as you do not trust everyone and ask the right questions while online, you will be fine. 

But what we have found by completing this Cougar Life review is that the Cougar Life dating site has security in place. There is a verification procedure in place which ensures most profiles are legit. When you sign up, you will be required to give your email address and click the link to register. This is a good way for online dating sites to keep out fake profiles. 

Special Features 

The features can make or break dating sites. Fortunately, Cougar Life has some fantastic features which are aimed at making the user’s life as easy as possible when it comes to finding mature women. What we love about the Cougar Life dating site is that there are some excellent features. 

Compared to other cougar dating sites, this one caters to its users. There are some top-class ways to make contact with sexy older women or younger men. So let’s take a closer look at what is in store for clients when they use the Cougar Life features:

  • Find a Date – A brilliant way to connect, as you can pick a date you want to meet another user. Clients will only need to click find a date tonight tab, and there will be a list of available older women. It is an excellent way to participate in cougar dating and find a date.
  • Virtual Gifts – When you date face to face, you can buy gifts for the person you are dating. With Cougar Life, you get the same opportunity; it’s an online dating website that allows cougars or cubs to send virtual gifts to those you admire. It is a fantastic way to show your interest in young men or older women.
  • Send Flirts – There is no better way to send a signal to another user that you like them than through a flirt. The Cougar Life platform allows users to show interest in this easy-to-use feature, which is sure to prove successful. 
  • Priority Mail – Once you have a Cougar Life account, you can use this feature. It gives users the chance to get their messages seen with priority by their favorite older woman on the cougar dating site. 
  • Chat with Me – It is no different from chatting on a social media platform. Through Cougar Life, clients can connect with numerous attractive women or younger men in the quickest way possible.
  • Private Photo Gallery – On Cougar Life, there are two photo galleries that premium members can access the public and private photo gallery. Private are all the naughty, sexy photos that can be found. Well worth a look; you can see some incredible older women looking very hot here. 
  • Cougar Life Blog – There are no other cougar dating sites that offer such a feature. Clients can read up on how to date younger guys and how to be successful on Cougar Life dating. It is a very useful blog with lots of tips and advice from experienced Cougar Life subscription holders. 

As you can see with this long list, Cougar Life has everything you could possibly require to find a date. The features that can be accessed through Cougar Life keep users satisfied. It makes it simple to meet younger guys for casual dating. Also, all the younger men searching for cougar dating are in for a treat too. 

CougarLife find your partner

Partner Search

There is a wide selection of options when you enter Cougar Life dating sites. It does not matter if you want to meet younger men or find a date with a mature lady. You will have access to all of it through the establishment. It could not be easier looking for a suitable partner on the platform. 

You can use the search tab and specify what you are looking for on the site. The layout of the site is neat, and you can see new cubs and cougars and who is online right now. Each profile page will have detailed data about each client. If you like what you see, you can send Cougar Life messages to those you admire. Through dating websites such as this one, you can see private photos of other users. 

This is only possible once you have a premium membership. The good news is that Cougar Life profiles are set out in an excellent way that is easily understood. 

How Does Cougar Life Work?

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to use the Cougar Life dating platform. There are other dating sites that make it complicated and confusing to use the website. When you want to use the Cougar Life dating platform, you can rest assured you will have lots of beautiful men and women to search through. If you are one of the younger men who find older ladies a turn-on, this is the place for you. You get to sign up, which will take a few minutes only. Once completed, you get to go through the impressive database of clients, searching for the ideal partner for your needs. 

It is easy to contact those you like, with all the first-class features Cougar Life has on offer. You can specify the perfect partner by using the filter system. It is possible to search for a certain height, age, or eye color. This will allow you to meet other members who fit your requirements. Then you can chat with each other as long as you wish, send and read Cougar Life messages if you have a paid membership. It is a great environment to make new friends and start new relationships. We are sure it will not take long to meet a sexy older woman you can chat with online. 

Searching Options and Filters at Cougar Life

The more search options, the better, which is the case with Cougar Life. There is every opportunity to locate the ideal partner for yourself through this great site. After registering on the cougar site, you should head to the search filters. We have listed some impressive filters below. 

  • You can search for those cubs and cougars online. When you search through the site, you will have access to see which members are online right now. This gives you the ability to send messages to those other members you fancy. 
  • Clients can search for other members through the hair color they admire the most. They will need to add the hair color they are looking for and check out all the options. 
  • It is possible to choose the height you require. Many people will add their height to their profile page. So you can read this and send virtual gifts to those that fit your requirements. 
  • If you like to look at a private photo gallery, you can choose that too. Some members will have naughty photos on their profiles. Only those with a premium membership will be able to view it.
  • If you would only like to date a particular ethnicity, you are in luck, as Cougar Life caters to your needs. You will be able to check the ethnicity of other users easily on their profile page. 

With such a comprehensive list of search options, you should be able to get the perfect partner. The website gives every client lots of opportunities to find the right person. This is why it is essential to add as much as possible in the personal details section. If you want serious relationships, then details are important. 

Cougar Life app

Communication Methods

It is vital to have good communication features available when on a cougar dating site. So we have created a breakdown of all the methods open to users who want to date younger men.

  • Messages – To receive and send messages, you will need to have a premium membership. It will allow you this fantastic communication tool with other members. 
  • Find a Date – If you want to date tonight, then this method of communication will get the job done. It allows you to see all the available ladies online, ready for contact. 
  • Once you are on the Cougar Life site, you can send virtual gifts to communicate your liking for someone.
  • You can be a premium member and have all your messages sent to ladies with priority. This will ensure you will be noticed, and cougar dating will only be a step away. 

These are all ways to get noticed, and for women dating younger men, it is perfect. These methods of communication are easy to begin with, and if you are a paid member, you will have unlimited access. 

Pros and Cons

It is essential to understand the ups and downs of the website you will use. So we have created a list of pros and cons. We have checked the cougar dating site for all the benefits, and here are the lists. 


  • Fast and easy sign up on Cougar Life
  • The ability to see private photos as a premium member
  • The Cougar Life mobile app
  • You can use Cougar Life credits for payments
  • Free registration
  • You can send virtual gifts
  • Not many fake profiles compared to other dating websites
  • Nice features to connect you with other Cougar Life members


  • All the good features are paid
  • All private photos can only be seen by premium members
  • Not the cheapest cougar dating platform out there

The good news is the pros outweigh the cons of Cougar Life. Users will be impressed with the platform as there are many positives. 

Website and Mobile Version

If you want to date on the move, you are in luck, as there is an excellent Cougar Life app that gives clients freedom. It can be used on most mobile devices and has all the same features the main website uses. If you prefer not to download the application from the google play store. There is a mobile version accessible through your browser. The Cougar Life’s version of a mobile site is excellent. You can date all the users you like from the shopping mall if you wish. 

Membership Price and Payment Method 

You can pay with a credit card when you want to become a premium member of the website. It is a simple process that will not take long at all. You will find cougar sites like this offer credits to use on the site. Users will need a Cougar Life subscription package. The table below illustrates the cost. 

1 month plan$40100 credits
3 month plan$87500 credits
12 month plan$1443,000 credits

These are the lists of payment methods available:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

Once clients pay for the subscription they desire, they will be given free credits. These credits are then used for the various features on the platform. You will have a much better chance of getting the date you want when you pay on dating websites. 

Free Membership Features 

There are some free features that are useful for those that do not want to pay on cougar dating websites. Check out the list below:

  • Sign up for free
  • Add photos
  • Check out profiles of users
  • Send a flirt 
  • Search for a date

We strongly recommend getting a premium membership as it gets you closer to the date. It will help you with your sexual pursuits if you become a paying member. Always remember the more personal details you add, the more chances you will get. 

Premium Membership Features 

Once you become a paying premium member of the platform, you get brilliant features to use. Please review the list is below: 

  • Ability to send and receive messages
  • Getting your messages put to the top of the cougar you desire
  • You can send virtual gifts
  • You will have access to see the private gallery of another user
  • You can become first in the chat list of other members
  • Watching Cougar Life photos

These are all first-class features that make a big difference in meeting the love of your life or not. 

How Much Is Dating on Cougar Life?

The cost differs as members can buy different subscription packages. We have mentioned some of the packages available earlier. If you buy the 12-month package, it will cost $144; most dating sites will cost more. You get a whole year of use with 3000 credits for that $144 charge. 

Is Cougar Life Really Safe?

As long as you use common sense while using the establishment. Cougar Life has security in place to protect payments made through the platform. There is encryption technology, so no details are leaked. Just as in real life dating, you need to use your brains and never trust people you do not know. 

Technical Side of Protection

When you use Cougar Life, you will feel like a lucky guy as there are many opportunities to chat with like-minded members in one place. Users will have peace of mind as technology is on the website keeping all details private from third parties. 

Customer Support

You can contact the customer support team from 9 am through until 7 pm. You can fill out the form on their website if you have any queries or call their hotline. Customer support can be contacted in the upper right corner. 

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