PPM Meaning: All You Ever Wanted to Know About It

Finding a rich man is what young girls and older women dream about. Living beautifully and happily, relaxing in expensive foreign resorts, and driving sports cars – how to achieve this so that it does not take decades to realize your dream? The answer is quite simple: dating sites with rich male sponsors!

There are many such resources on the network, and they are popular with ladies looking for a wealthy sponsor. After all, in real life, meeting rich and successful men is pretty difficult if you want to find them on the street or in a cafe. Therefore, platforms on the Internet become a meeting place for both. One of the main advantages of such portals is the lack of hypocrisy on both sides. There is no need to hide the goals or reasons why people registered on such a platform, and you can quickly find the desired communication.

There are many types of sugar dating, and this article will focus on one of them: PPM, which stands for pay per meet. There are many sugar dating sites that help ladies to find a sugar daddy allowance. But before you start searching, we need to make it clear what PPM is.

PPM Meaning

PPM Meaning in Sugar Dating

There are four most popular types of sugar relationships based on how sugar babies and sugar daddies meet and make an appointment. Indeed, a man should pay sugar baby some money in all cases. But there are still differences, so to clarify, take a look at our sugar baby allowance guide.

PPM Agreement

PPM stands for pay-per-meeting, a much-discussed relationship in which a sugar daddy gives a sugar baby money or gifts per meeting instead of a monthly donation. Overall, it is an average sugar baby allowance per visit. In contrast to paid dating, PPM is closer to sex work. Most sugar babies can make an instant profit of about €450-800€ for a meeting. 

Compensated Support

This is the most common type of sugar relationship in which a sugar baby is deeply involved in the life of a sugar daddy. The sugar baby accompanies the sugar daddy when he asks for it. Various activities are involved in this type of relationship, such as vacations, events, and late-night dates. The paid accompaniment usually lasts more than three months, and sugar babies often receive monthly pocket money of about €2,000-4,000€.

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Compensated Appointment

Compensated dating is also referred to as casual dating with little commitment. People find each other casually because they have emotional or physical needs. If you are not yet ready for a serious relationship or are just looking for casual fun, this type of sugar relationship could be the best choice for you.

In this type of relationship, sugar babies are rewarded with cash or gifts for occasional dates. Sex is not absolutely necessary.

Long Term Relationship & Exclusive Relationship

A long-term relationship is not so common in the sugar world, but this kind of sugar relationship exists and has become increasingly popular in recent days. Both the sugar daddy and the sugar baby are satisfied with each other and want their relationship to be more similar to a traditional relationship.

How Much Allowance Do Sweet Sugar Babies Get?

You may be interested in different sugar daddy types, but the main thing you must be interested in is what a man can give you. Sugar baby allowance range varies. So, a sugar mommy or sugar daddy may give money, gifts, pay for vacations, etc.: this is called a sugar baby allowance. As a rule, a man transfers money regularly. There are different ways to transfer money, but giving cash is perhaps the most convenient option: it is completely anonymous! Still, we recommend discussing everything in advance.

Different factors influence how much you can get:

  • Appearance.
  • Age.
  • City/country of residence.
  • Relationship type (we have described several of those above).
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PPM vs. Monthly Sugar Baby Allowance

In a Sugar Agreement, there are two common payment options:

  • Regular payment (monthly allowance): a sugar daddy gives the Sugar Baby pocket money every week or month. Weekly/monthly pocket money often occurs in a more stable long-term relationship.
  • Payment per meeting: in this case, a sugar daddy pays his sugar baby a certain amount for each meeting. This type of payment is suitable for a more flexible relationship that can be terminated at any time.


The biggest benefit of a PPM option is that a sugar baby has lots of free time: it may take here just a few hours a week. The drawback here is the need to be ready for anything: sugar daddies pay lots of money, so the girl should always be ready to visit a bar or restaurant with the man.

Monthly Allowance

How much should a sugar daddy pay if a monthly allowance is your option? There is no average allowance rate, as different ladies have different needs. If a lady is inexperienced, she will need less; if a hottie has years of experience in sugar dating, she will expect more. The benefit here is predictability and stability.

Is PPM Legal? 

Since a sugar relationship involves money and sex, it may be considered illegal. But is it really illegal? The answer is NO!

A sugar relationship is not prostitution. It’s a friendship that doesn’t necessarily include sex. Partners of all ages often exchange gifts or help each other to cope with financial problems. This in no way violates the law. However, many sugar daddy relationships go beyond just dating. It is a middle ground between traditional appointments and escort services. The things a sugar baby does for a sugar daddy are similar to traditional appointments.

Nowadays, the easiest way to find a sugar arrangement is to use sugar websites. But beware of salt daddies: they just want to enjoy a young beauty without paying a penny!

PPM arrangement

Real PPM Examples 

Here is a real PPM example that can often be seen on sugar daddy sites: a man meets a gorgeous lady, gets interested, and offers her sugar relationships. She agrees, and they discuss all the conditions and start dating/visiting diverse places together. Does this sound good? It does! Please pay attention that discussion is a really important aspect of such relationships: it is necessary for both parties not to create false expectations.

Advantages and Disadvantages of PPM

What are the secret benefits and drawbacks of PPM relationships? We have selected the main pros and cons, so take a look.

  1. A nice and convenient environment for both parties.
  2. It is beneficial for both.
  3. It is the best option for sugar babies who desperately need money.
  4. It makes it possible to create a flexible schedule of meetings.
  5. PPM is the best option for sugar daddies who date a few sugar babies simultaneously.
  6. PPM can be stopped at any time. 

Understandably, some drawbacks are also present.

  1. It is often compared to sex work.
  2. If a daddy pays for the first date and doesn’t like the girl, money is lost.

What Affects the PPM?

How to make a sugar daddy want to pay? Why should he do this? What influences the quality of this type of union? The amount of cash you will get depends on age, beauty, education, and even your character traits. It goes without saying that the care of a sugar daddy increases with the physical attractiveness of a girl, and women in their 20s usually receive more money than older ladies. But it may differ.

There are no fixed pocket money amounts, and usually, both parties discuss everything in advance. But there are certain factors that influence how much pocket money a lady receives. Let’s take a closer look.

PPM meaning in Sugar Dating

Location – Large/Small Cities

The economic development level of the city where you are located greatly influences the amount of funding you can receive. According to general opinion, the allowance depends on the monthly rent cost. This means that the larger the city you live in, the higher prices you can set. Smaller cities platonic dates will be much more affordable, of course.

This is what the amount of sugar baby allowance in different cities looks like:

  • Berlin – €3,600.
  • New York – €3,200.
  • LA – €2,700.
  • London – €2,500.

This does not mean that a sugar daddy from London certainly pays more pocket money than one from Chicago. However, it goes without saying Sugar babies from big cities have higher demands.

Types Of Appointments – Platonic Relationship/ Standard Appointment/ Overnight Date 

There are different varieties of sugar dating. There are several most popular ones, each of them affecting the amount of sugar baby money.

  • Platonic appointment: four to eight hours: having dinner, communicating.
  • Standard date: four to six hours, including dinner, entertainment, and sexual activity.
  • Overnight appointment: twelve to twenty-four hours, including food, entertainment, sex, and spending the whole night with him.
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Six Things You Should Consider Before Starting a Sugar Relationship

Although a sugar relationship is not illegal, it is still risky. You should be careful and consider the following things to avoid possible dangers.

  1. Be careful and well-prepared for your first meeting. Be clear about the agreements you want to make at the first, several meetings, or perhaps before. Choose public places such as restaurants or cafés instead of private homes.
  2. Keep your private information to yourself at the beginning of your sugar relationship. Listen to a man more than talk, and pay attention to everything that seems weird.
  3. Be clear about what you want and avoid things you don’t like. Sugar daddies who believe that they can “buy” women tend to treat them like possessions. If you are not ready to do so, you should get rid of a man as soon as possible.
  4. Stay realistic about the relationship. One of the most important sugar baby rules is to look at the relationship realistically. This means understanding that a sugar daddy will not be your boyfriend or husband and will not fall in love with you.
  5. A sugar daddy is someone who is willing to financially support a younger woman and get her company and body in return. You will probably be disappointed if you are looking for more than that.
  6. Beware of fraudsters. Unfortunately, many sugar daddy fraudsters exploit unsuspecting sugar babies. Be careful with anyone who asks you for money in advance or tries to put pressure on you to do something you don’t feel comfortable with.
  7. Don’t ask for money too quickly. Another point is that you should not ask for money too quickly. If you do that, you will probably deter your sugar daddy, and he will turn to someone else.
  8. It is important to approach things slowly and allow natural development of the relationship before asking for money.

Sugar Dating Allowances And Pay Per Meet (PPM) – The Complete Guide For Men


As you can see, finding a potential sugar daddy (as well as a sugar baby) is not a difficult task. Understandably, it is not vanilla dating: it is much hotter, so you must be ready for it! If you are, dive into it: both parties benefit here!

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