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Interested in dating, but single over 30? Do you want to find a platform that will be safe and suitable for you? Our experts created a new 2024 Elite Singles review, in which they talked about the analyzed user experience and tested the platform themselves, therefore also about their own. Read this review to learn all about Elite Singles.

Elite Singles

A Brief Elite Singles Review Of The Website

Members2 000 000 (+160 000 new members per month)
Female to Male ratio60/40
Good forFor building long-term serious relationships, for casual dating
Age Distribution30-60
Mobile friendlyYes
SiteElite Singles

Elite Singles Sugar Daddy Site Overview

For this EliteSingles.com review, our experts analyzed dozens of Elite Singles reviews and their complaints and were also users on the platform. With this experience and analysis of the reviews below, you can familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of the matchmaking system on the platform and the online dating platform as a whole.

Pros & Cons

Our experts have analyzed many reviews from users to create the most truthful Elite Singles review. Below, you can familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of the platform.


  1. 160,000 plus new users monthly
  2. Data security level
  3. 85% of users are highly educated
  4. Passing the personality test helps the platform’s mechanisms to more accurately identify and search for your matches
  5. Suspicious and fake accounts are immediately banned from accessing the platform
  6. Participants are quite active
  7. Most users are looking for a serious relationship
  8. You can get a verification badge (that you are a real person) for your profile by following some verification steps described on platform
  9. You can make a private album with photos that only premium users can view


  1. There is no option to buy a subscription for only 1 month (only available on 3-6-12)
  2. Customer support sometimes takes longer than 48 hours to respond, such as 50–60 hours.
  3. There is no Elite Singles free search
EliteSingles features

Elite Singles Audience

When doing the Elite Singles review, our experts analyzed the users who left reviews about the platform on the Internet and for additional information on the site, and their experiences, and can say that 90 percent of the audience on the platform are people from 30 to 55 years old who are looking for serious relationships There are also younger people from 18 years old, but still, this is the majority of the audience here.

How Does Elite Singles Work?

At its core, Elite Singles is very simple. In the beginning, you will need to create an Elite Singles account. After creating an account, you will need to verify the mail with which you registered the account. And after that, you will have to pass a psychological test with various questions about you, your preferences, and your future partner, and you will be given pictures to choose from, which you like better.

Thanks to this test, the algorithm of the platform will be able to select people for you more easily and better, because people will be matched to your answers from the test, that is, ideally for your preferences. 

After passing the test and buying a membership, you can use the platform to find interesting people for a relationship. If you don’t pay, you will only see the basic membership (you won’t be able to chat and search for people), which looks like the screenshot below.


Registration Process

Elite Singles sign up is quite easy and quick to complete. You just need to do the following steps:

  1. Go to the main page of the platform.
  2. Click on the buttons with the choice of gender (who you are and who you are looking for; the platform is also open to LGBT people).
  3. Fill in the input fields, such as your email and password.
  4. Click on the box at the bottom of the fields to put a checkmark there. This will mean that you are familiar with the rules of the platform and accept them.
  5. Click on the “Get Started” button.

EliteSingles create account

Elite Singles Login Process

If you accidentally leave the site, you can always log back into your account. For this, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to the main page
  2. There will be a Log-in for members button in the upper right corner. You need to click on this button
  3. Enter the email address and password with which you registered your account
  4. Click the green Log-in button

Profiles Quality

For the Elite Singles review, more than a hundred user profiles on the platform were analyzed. Most profiles are updated from time to time with new information, they are also fully filled with various biographical details of people, and have quality photos. Photos in profiles are usually from 3 photos.

EliteSingles girl profile

Mobile App

During the Elite Singles review, the mobile application was downloaded and tested on both iPhones and Androids. 

The applications are of high quality and are copies of the website, which is convenient because you don’t have to get used to a new interface. You can also use the platform without downloading the application, in this case, you will only need to use the website through your devices through any browser convenient for you and a good Internet connection.

EliteSingles app

Search Process

The search system on the platform works conveniently. You can search for people by such criteria as their age, religion, the distance between them and you, whether they want to have children, and race. You can also filter profiles by the following criteria: new profiles, with a photo and favorites (a list of people you marked as favorites).

Messaging Features

To view the messages you have received, you just need to click on the message in the header of the site. In this way, you will receive all your correspondence, which you already had and which has just started. It will look like the screenshot below. 

You can send a smile to the profiles in case you don’t know how to start a dialogue first, and also, all the profiles can be selected as favorites so that you can then choose who to communicate with only from these people.

EliteSingles search

Elite Singles Unique Features

Below in this Elite Singles review, you can familiarize yourself with the unique and main features of this platform that users and our experts like the most.

Matchmaking Algorithm

After registration, every user must pass a psychological test. It will take you up to 10-15 minutes, which is not much, but it is worth it. Thanks to the test, the website’s algorithm will select the most interesting and suitable persons for you. That is, it will select such people with whom you are more likely to form a relationship.

Intended Members

It’s up to you, the platform itself will select profiles suitable for you according to your answers, which most likely will suit you. Although, of course, you can search for people on your own, selecting them by various criteria such as age and so on, the platform’s algorithms will help you here as well.

EliteSingles woman profile

Support for LGBT people

Since not every platform supports LGBT people, this website stands out for this. Of course, it does not provide a choice for queer people or other types of LGBT sexuality, but there is a choice for gays, lesbians, and bisexuals, which is also pleasing. Due to this, quite a large part of the audience is also LGBT people.

Premium Membership

Premium subscription essentially filters paying and non-paying users, as well as serious from non-serious, since immediately after registration, each user must pay for a membership subscription for at least 3 months of use.

Elite Singles Pricing Politics

In the points of this review below, our experts have listed for you the free and paid features of this platform. And in the table below, you can see the prices for different membership subscriptions on this website.

Membership NameValidity periodCost
Premium Light1-month$57.95
Premium Classic1-month$59.95 (discount -22% for 1 purchase for new customers)
Premium Comfort1 month$44.95
EliteSingles upgrade profile

Free Services

  1. Registration
  2. Mail verification
  3. Basic subscription membership (without the ability to view profiles, search profiles and communicate). This subscription basically only allows you to fill out your profile and see only the site interface

Paid Services

  1. Messaging
  2. Search profiles
  3. View all photos in user profiles
  4. View who viewed your profile

Safety & Security

The site is secure and completely legal. In addition, it has never been hacked or leaked, and the platform has a good reputation in the dating market. Even if fake profiles appear, they are quickly blocked by technical support. Also, on the platform, there is an article about self-safety during online dating, this article will be useful for everyone to read.


Privacy Politics

For the safety of users, the technical support of the platform performs a daily check of new users on the platform. There is also mail verification and people’s passport verification. Your data is also protected by a modern data encryption system. And your data is not used anywhere except the platform.

How To Protect Yourself?

To protect yourself from online dating fraudsters, you should do the following:

  1. Do not provide your details.
  2. Check the information.
  3. Protect passwords.
  4. Use two-factor authentication (an additional level of security).
  5. Use official programs.
  6. Do not click on questionable links.
  7. Disable the remote replacement of the SIM card from the mobile operator.

Also, for you, our experts have written below the general safety rules when using various sites on the Internet. The article will be useful for everyone, both newcomers to dating and those who have been using dating platforms for a long time.

5 Tips On How To Protect Yourself On The Internet

  • Pass the Google security check

Security Check is a step-by-step tool that helps protect your Google Account with personalized recommendations. You can choose which third-party applications have access to your account data. And also check whether your passwords have been hacked and perform other actions.

  • Increase the security of your account with the Additional Protection Program

The Advanced Protection Program offers Google’s most powerful security engine, designed to protect users of personal and corporate Google Accounts who are most at risk of targeted attacks. The industry-leading security features provided within this program protect user accounts and data from new attack methods that attackers are using. In particular, from phishing and malware.

  • Use a password manager

It is difficult for an ordinary person to remember a huge number of passwords. Because of this, people often neglect security for convenience, creating weak passwords or reusing them on other sites. These weak passwords are often used in phishing attacks and hacking. 

By using a password manager (such as one built into your Google Account), you can create strong passwords, remember them, and store them securely.

  • Update your software regularly

Software updates usually fix newly discovered security vulnerabilities, so always use the latest version of software on all your devices. Some software like Chrome, Android, and iOS update automatically, so you don’t have to worry about it. 

Other services send notifications when the system needs to be updated. Try to install the update right away and never click “remind me later”.

  • If you lose your phone, lock it

If your phone is lost or stolen, you can sign in to your Google Account and use the Find My Phone tool to protect your data in a few quick steps. Whether your device is Android or iOS, you can remotely locate and lock it to prevent anyone else from using your phone and accessing your personal information.

Customer Support

To find the section of frequently asked questions and the page where you can search for answers to your questions using keywords (for example, billing), you need to either scroll down the site and click on the inscription Customer Care in the footer of the site under the word Help. Or just click here. Your FAQs page will look like the screenshot below. This page will help you find the answer to your question or problem.

EliteSingles FAQ

Ways To Contact The Support Team

There are 2 ways to contact the support team on the platform. You can contact them during the working week from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm GMT+1.

In the form of a request to the support team, you will definitely need to describe the topic of the problem or question, its description, your email with which you registered. You can also add any good quality screenshots or videos that show your problem.

  • Via a letter to the following address:

EliteSingles Customer Care

Spark Networks Services GmbH

Kohlfurter Strasse 41/43

10999 Berlin


Judging by the analyzed reviews, the support team responds in an average of 24–48 hours. It all depends on your time zone difference, as the support team is based in Berlin.

Elite Singles Alternatives and Similar Websites & Apps

The platform does not have an Elite Singles credits payment system, and some people may not like it. Also, some users may not like the Elite Singles cost. Because of this, below, our experts have listed for you the quality platforms of the Elite Singles alternative.

EliteSingles success stories

Websites Alternatives

  1. SilverSingles
  2. Zoosk
  3. Eharmony
  4. Dating.com
  5. DateMyAge

Apps Alternatives

  1. eHarmony
  2. Dating.com 
  3. Bumpy
  4. International Cupid
  5. OkCupid


The Elite Singles platform has a wide and active audience. Most of the people on the platform are from the UK, but you can also search for people from other countries. Also, this platform for finding nice ladies and men has a mobile application, which is quite convenient and modern. And in this video, you can also watch an Elite Singles dating site review from a man who was looking for women there directly.

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