Some Tips on How to Ask Sugar Daddy for Money to Get Everything You Want

Many beautiful girls today want to meet sugar daddies, which allows them to achieve good financial comfort, forget about problems and take their lives to a new level. If you have only recently decided to get into this activity, you may wonder how to ask sugar daddy for money. Today we want to give tips on getting what you want without destroying your relationship.

How To Tell A Sugar Daddy What You Want?

Most sugar babies think that asking for money may ruin their sugar relationship in its infancy, but you definitely need to talk about it. Firstly, this will allow you to determine what goals both people set and their intentions. Secondly, a particular gentleman will understand how much a single month will cost him and whether he can realize at least one SD.

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Of course, if you want to get a sugar daddy, you need to be honest with him, but at the same time, you may use various female tricks. We have highlighted some tips on how to get money from a sugar daddy:

  1. Realize it’s incredibly common. You must get to know allowance details to understand if you want this relationship or not. When you sign up on sugar dating websites, you may immediately tell that you are looking for a man who will support you. This practice is now common worldwide, and you should not be ashamed of it.
  2. It is a bad idea to ask this question early in dating. You may learn more about your communication goals and previous arrangements. Perhaps sugar daddy will mention something related to payments, and this will be a signal to ask your question.
  3. Be polite, and don’t push yourself too hard. It is worth remembering that only prostitutes set the exact price. You can’t say something like – either you pay 3 thousand dollars a month, or I leave. Most likely, the answer will be unequivocal, and you will not be able to build a multi year relationship.
  4. If you plan a first date and want to get paid for it, you may say so directly. Most sugar daddies are business people who don’t take hints well. However, you don’t have to be pushy when you ask for daddy for money. You may quickly realize when is the best time to ask the question: I would like you to pay for the first date; is that right?

As you may see, dating fundamentals say that you may safely talk about your desires, but you must do it tactfully. If you agreed to very small amounts, this is not a reason to refuse a normal relationship, and it is likely that you will be able to get a better option in the future. The main reason is that guy meets many girls and wants to pay when sugar daddy realizes he may get everything he wants with yours.

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How To Ask Your Sugar Daddy For Money Or An Allowance?

Nobody likes to ask for money, but sugar dating is different from what you are used to in real life. Relationship longevity largely depends on the conditions you define. We want to give some tips on how to ask daddy for money without it affecting your relationship.

  1. Try to get to know each other better. Before you go on a cocktail date, you should chat on the sugar dating site. You don’t have to act like a job interviewer; communication should be casual.
  2. Discuss what you want from the relationship. SD sounds good, but you must understand if you may get it. Certain behavior lets you know whether a man wants regular dating and understands mental notes.
  3. Say what you may offer per date. You may provide several fronts – traditional sex, experiments, joint visits to various establishments or accompaniment on vacation, breakfast in the morning, and more. Whatever you can sugar daddy to give you can find out if you know more about his hobbies and needs.
  4. Have a good self worth. Most likely, daddy is already waiting for your question about temporary work. A good way to get what you want is to be sure and ask sugar daddy leading questions that might lead him into the conversation.
  5. Sugar daddy websites may take care of you. Today many platforms make it so that you do not need to ask a sugar daddy, and they will pay for your communication themselves.

Sugar dating sites are where you can feel comfortable, but you can’t get large amounts. Many sugar babies prefer dating live because it allows you to get many times more. You may safely talk about your desires, but you must be very nice and diplomatic.

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How Much Does The Average Sugar Daddy Pay?

The sugar world is arranged so that no one can tell you how much sugar daddies pay. It depends on many factors – how often you date, how sexy sugar daddy preferences (someone wants sex once every 2 days, and someone likes to sleep without sex next to a beautiful girl), the city where you live, and much more.

The financial specifics are that some sugar daddies pay per visit while others pay a monthly salary. In the first case, you may expect from 300 to 500 dollars for one visit. If you have agreed on a monthly allowance, then totally fine; if you receive from 1.5 to 10 thousand dollars – it all depends on the financial condition of the potential sugar daddy. A successful sugar baby may also count on gifts – an expensive smartphone, a branded bag or dress, travel, and many others. If a sugar baby prefers surprises, she may gently hint about them.

You can also get a huge sum if you agree to unusual sexual experiments, such as group sex or BDSM. To get more money, you may also pressure pity; you may have difficulty paying for an apartment or other financial needs.

If you’re chatting with a sugar daddy for money on dating sites, those platforms may charge you a per-minute rate for that chat. Usually, this is a small amount, but if you get sugar relationships right, you can ask your sugar daddy to give you money.

Today, there are horror stories on the Internet where the gold digger fails and does not get a seeking arrangement because it fell into the hands of scammers. Some generous sugar daddies simply refuse to pay at some point. To avoid this, you need to get more valuable information; you need to know about past relationships and gather details.

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4 Safest Methods To Get Money From Sugar Daddy

You can choose any payment method you wish. If you chat with guys on dating websites, you can choose the payment method that the platform cooperates with (electronic wallets or bank cards).

If you go on a coffee or cocktail date, you can get paid in cash or in other ways:

  • PayPal account;
  • Bank deposit;
  • Credit card;
  • E-wallets.

Sugar life is designed so that men do not want to spend time and effort choosing gifts as monthly allowances, but you can ask sugar daddies to go shopping together or just show the right product in the online store and ask for money.

As you can see, the payment method vary depending on a lot of factors, but the guy likes assertiveness, and you can achieve whatever you want. At the same time, you need to choose the most appropriate moment, when a man is in a good mood or has done something wrong (for example, daddy forgot about your date). You need to be very unobtrusive and accept rejection with dignity. Adult men appreciate wisdom in women very much.

Final Thoughts

If you perceive your relationship as a time job, you can immediately talk about your wants and needs. But, if you want to build a stable long-term relationship, you need to listen to mind telling and wait for more loading. Behavior clingy can scare a man away, so you need to be very careful and don’t rush things. However, it’s a great forewarning that girls can’t be the first to talk about financial matters. You can analyze the previos arrangement, understand what mistakes you made and, based on this, change your strategy for communicating with men. Your task is to be different – sometimes sweet and caring, sometimes strict and demanding. This will allow you to keep a man who is willing to pay big money for such a relationship.

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