Sugar Daddy for Me Review

After analyzing numerous online dating services and their dating site reviews, our specialists made step-by-step tutorials for themselves to check them. So far, they have reached the point of checking a well-known online dating website, on which anyone can find sugar babies or sugar daddies.

In the new 2024 SugarDaddyForMe review rating, which the specialists made for you, you can learn more about SugarDaddyForMe World Wide Web hookups’ incredible website with specific service.

The first impression

Sugar Daddy For Me is an online dating site aimed at people who are looking for a financially rewarding sugar relationships. The site was launched in 2004, and since then, the number of users is constantly growing. In essence, this is a shopping mall for the direction finding of sugar dating.

Now the dating platform has 4 million users from different countries of the world. These are sugar daddies and mommies looking for sugar kids to spoil. But actually, sugar children who are looking for a sugar daddy or mommy. Also, users can find here wealthy and successful men. Every day, thousands of active audience, especially female members.

SugarDaddyForMe main page

Regarding the first impression, the site seems user-friendly, clear, and modern. It is not a problem to go through the registration process, and the profiles on the site look filled with profile pictures and details. 

The only thing is that the design of the site does not look modern, but this does not greatly interfere with the search for a sugar relationship for entire life and for well spend time.

Advantages and disadvantages

Users get a three-day trial period of paid membership.The mobile app is not available
All users can see the total number of people online flirting.Uploading a personal profile picture is optional.
The website has a large database of members worldwide.Only paid members can contact everyone.

How to sign in?

The registration process on this site is very simple. The site hasn’t paid registration, it’s free. It only takes a few minutes to create a profile and start browsing.

  1. First, you need to select your partner search options from the drop-down list and enter your zip code.
  2. In the next step, enter your email address, secure password, name and age.
  3. You also need to enter a mobile phone number for initial account verification. The Sugar Daddy For Me website does not share users’ contact information with other members without permission. As a final step, you will need to fill in a few words about yourself.
  4. You will then be redirected to your account page, where you can upload your profile picture.

You can also skip this step, but usually accounts without an avatar get a lot less attention on sugar daddy online dating sites. And if you accidentally log out of your account, you can easily sign in back to your profile by entering the password and email you used to register.

We understand that possibly the worst part is spending money and time on the site and not getting any acquaintances. Because of this, our specialists analyze a lot of information and create these dating site reviews.

SugarDaddyForMe create account

Site design. Ease of use

SugarDaddyForMe’s website design doesn’t seem perfect. The structure of the site looks boring and outdated. The first large banners poorly cropped images.

And the simple design can push users away from the dating site. As one of the leading dating sites, SugarDaddyForMe needs to create a well-structured and attractive web page design to make users feel attractive when finding their sweetie.

However, the good news for users is that navigating the dating internet site is easy. The background of the dating site is pleasant, which makes users feel more lustful and excited; SugarDaddyForMe needs to work on their website design to make it look more engaging and prominent.

Filters and selection

The filter is basically similar to other dating sites. Yes, there are similar filters here: filter by age, with photo (or without photo), status online now, search by a specific location and extra search filters (Birthday, Any day (do not apply any filter), Marital Status, Body Type, Race, Income).

You can also search for people on the site using the filter of the person you are looking for:

  1. SugarDaddy
  2. SugarBaby
  3. SugarBaby-Male
  4. SugarMomma
  5. Woman for ExtraMarital
  6. Man for ExtraMarital
  7. Gay SugarDaddy
  8. Gay SugarBaby-Male
SugarDaddyForMe features


Sugar Daddy For Me includes a weekend planner to facilitate communication between daddies and babies. If you want other users to know about your weekly schedule, you can fill out a calendar on the site and let users know when you are free. 

The time grid of the calendar is divided into hourly intervals, except for the intervals from 9:00 to 17:00, which can be assigned different colors. Blue means the user is working, gray means the user is sleeping, red means the user is busy, and green means the user is available.

Search for sugar daddy, sugar mommy and sugar baby

All profiles are open not only to Sugar Daddy For Me members, but to all visitors in general. During the registration process, new members are asked to indicate their preferences for who they would like to be contacted for offers. Users can set an age filter or an appearance filter, such as hair or eye color.

One of the most useful search features on the website is the ability to customize your location. Users can specify a country and even search within a specific city or distance.

The location filter can be used by members who are traveling and want to connect with other members who live in the destination city. Also, if users want to find more options, they can simply scroll through the overall list of all Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies.

Users can create a list of favorites and save their preferred profiles. To do this, click on the heart of the selected profile. Premium gets access to an earlier message.

SugarDaddyForMe users

Communication services

Sugar Daddy For Me seeks to connect older men/women, namely sugar daddies or sugar mummies, with younger partners and sugar babies for financially beneficial relationships. The membership structure on the site is very diverse. Sugar Daddy For Me boasts two thousand daily visits and 500,000 online hot users per month.

The database has about four million users, and most of them are from the United States. As for the gender distribution on the site, the site attracts more women than men. About thirty-five percent are men, and sixty-five are single women.

Our specialists noticed only a few fake profiles with sugar daddies, compared to other websites, but we wrote to support about it, and they blocked these people. Also, for those who are just thinking and wondering how to become a sugar baby quickly, our specialists have found a gamble video with tips for you, you can watch it here:

How does the search algorithm work?

The partner search algorithm on the site is quite simple. All users can search the site or use search filters. Users can also see a list of people who are online and when users were last active. All profiles are open to everyone, and it is possible to view photos.

However, non-paying members can only see only three photos. All members can send kisses to show interest and see who kissed them. The primary method of communication is email, which is fully accessible only to paid members. Additionally, Sugar Daddy For Me Gold members humbly receive offers via e mail.

The mobile app

Currently, the developers of the site have not made a mobile application for either iPhone or Android. And it is not known whether they will do it. But their site is optimized and has a good mobile version, you can easily use it on your mobile devices for real treasure search.

Ratio of sexes and age groups of users

Looking at the distribution of the gender ratio on the site, it is interesting to note that more women than men use the site. 

And about 2:1 in favor of women:

  1. 65% of profiles on the site are women
  2. 35% of profiles on the site are men

When it comes to age ranges, you can expect most of the female profiles to be young and the male profiles to be older. And that’s the truth here.

Most of the women on the site are between the ages of 18 and 35, and the men are between the ages of 35 and 60. Of course, you can also find escort services and chat rooms, older women and young ladies and men on the site, and just the usual online dating process, but mostly daddies and sugar babies. Some people even managed to find business partners and just a lover here on this sugar dating scene.

SugarDaddyForMe search

The free version of the site

Messaging features are available to all non paid members after their profile is verified. However, Standard free users can only send up to three messages per day and cannot read all received messages. To get unlimited messaging, users need to upgrade to a paid subscription.

Membership price and payment methods

As mentioned, the paid subscription unlocks the most important feature on the Sugar Daddy For Me website, which is the ability to send messages and receive them without any restrictions. The platform offers its members a three-day free trial of the paid membership to see what they get after subscribing.

Users can choose between two premium memberships: Silver and Gold. In addition to unlocking the ability to receive emails from standard members, users can additionally purchase the Total Access feature.

Dating Service Membership NamePrice
The Month Gold membership$44.95 per month
The Gold package with the additional Total Access$59.90 per month
Silver membership$39.95 per month
Month Silver membership with full access function$54.90 per month

Members must ensure that the bill includes a $5.95 administration fee.

To purchase a paid membership, users can choose payment method between credit card and money order. The sugar daddy site also assures that the bank statement does not mention the name of the great site or anything about internet dating online services. Instead, users get a commission from,, or whatever. 

SugarDaddyForMe browse sugar

So it’s their particular service for the genuine customers. Compared to other dating websites, this one takes care of anonymity. If you would like to send a money order, you can send it to site owned development services LLC address:

  1. WebSite Development Services LLC.
  2. 382 NE 191st Street, #25664
  3. Miami, FL 33179-3899

And don’t forget to provide the following information: username, email address, and membership type. In addition, it is possible to prepay for three, six, or years of membership by money order. If you don’t want to send checks every month, just multiply the package amount and send the bill.

Paid membership

Subscribers, that have Premium Membership, receive the “All Access” service, which allows them a lot of premium membership features. 

These features are:

  1. Ability to communicate with all members of the Sugar Daddy For Me community, regardless of their membership status. This means that even non-paid members can read and play emails from premium subscribers who have the All Access service.
  2. The Messenger theme can resemble the theme of an email page. Next to the message, users see the sender’s name, subject, and date. Different icons indicate the type of message.

For example, a gold icon means that the message was sent by a gold member. An inverted arrow indicates that the message is a reply. If you click on the arrow, you will see the previous message. 

  1. Instant messages from Total Access Premium Package members are marked with an asterisk in the inbox. In this case, users with a standard membership can reply to the sender.
  2. Users can show their attractiveness to other members by sending kisses.
  3. The own visibility
SugarDaddyForMe blog

Quality of accounts

Your profile must be approved by the Sugar Daddy For Me moderation team before you can contact other members. If you just recently created your profile, Sugar Daddy promises that it should be approved soon. If you are a non-payer, you will not be able to read or reply to messages you receive.

You can send a maximum of three free messages per day. The message page is structured like an email, where you can see the sender, subject, and romantic date received. The tab in the upper right corner allows you to view sent messages.

There are different icons that identify the type of messages. A gold bar means that the message came from a paying member with gold status. An inverted arrow means this is a reply to a previous message. If you click this icon, you can view your answer.

The flag icon can be used to color code your messages. A message with a star icon means the sender has a premium Total Access plan, and even if you’re not a paid member, you can read and reply to their message.

Pros & Cons of paid subscription

In the free Standard (basic) version, you can exchange messages for free, and this is a plus. 

  • Note: Basic members can only send three messages per day and cannot read all messages received. And this is a minus of free membership.

Pros Premium participation: 

  • All Access service, which allows premium members to communicate with all members of the Sugar Daddy For Me community, regardless of their membership status.
  • Ability to send virtual gifts
SugarDaddyForMe influencers about

Scam and safety

It’s normal to wonder if Sugar Daddy For Me is really safe. On Sugar Daddy For Me’s privacy policy page, the company states that it takes all security measures to ensure the safety of users’ personal information and create a safe environment on the platform.

Site moderators check all created accounts and all the data before they are available for viewing by other site users.

Customer support

Customer support works quickly and professionally. The site also has a section with frequently asked questions and answers to them. You can find it here. Service operates 24 hours per day.

If you did not find the answer to your question in the FAQ section, you can send your request to email customer service [email protected] or call +1(866)468-8269. Support works quickly compared to other sugar dating websites. Also, in case you encounter just a disgusting situation, contact technical support to resolve the situation. 

Note that the site’s support provides quick answer customer service. And don’t worry, all the messages reach the support also quickly. By the way, delete sugardaddyforme account is also easy.


If you are currently in the direction of finding community members in real life in the field of sugar dating, then this site is perfect for you. In the paid version, you can safely use the unlimited messaging function to find internet hookups, hot moms, vital screw-ups, romantic dates, and other interesting websites people.

Specialists also found many positive reviews and only some canceled customer reviews of this platform, and this proves that the site is user-friendly. In general, the site will speed up your search, and now you don’t have to basically uselessly search the entire website and the Internet for data mining potential sugar daddies and sugar mommies.

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