What Is Sugar Dating? Important Points in Brief

Nowadays, different forms of dating exist, and sugar dating is one of the most popular options: after all, many young ladies are ready to have fun with mature men. Understandably, both parties benefit from it: men pay for college tuition and provide ladies with money, expensive jewelry, and other gifts. Let’s learn more about this phenomenon.

what is sugar dating

What Is Sugar Dating Meaning?

The phenomenon of sugar dating is currently being discussed a lot in public media, as more and more people are using sugar dating sites to find a rich sugar daddy or a sugar babe. The unconventional dating form comes from the USA and has now spread throughout Europe. As a rule, sugar babies are college students (or women having low paying jobs), so they willingly dive into relationships with wealthy men. But it is not sex work! A younger person can set limits and discuss everything in advance. There are different sugar dating types: monthly allowance, pay per meet, and other forms.

This certainly has an impact on the behavior of many young people: A recent Gallup survey of 330 Danish young people between the ages of 15 and 20 showed that young people do not necessarily equate sex in exchange for expensive gifts with prostitution. Reason enough to take a closer look at the phenomenon. What exactly is a sugar daddy, what is a sugar baby, and what is sugar dating?

The Sugar Daddy

As a rule, sugar daddies choose sugar relationships because they consider this type of connection mutually beneficial relationships. They never choose sex industry workers to be their sugar babies.

So, the classic Sugar Daddy is in his early 40s, earns significantly more than the average employee, and is very busy professionally. For whatever reason, whether he doesn’t have time to have a real relationship or simply doesn’t feel like it, he decides to look for the right woman possible via Sugar Dating websites to spend lonely hours together. Thus, the chosen one can participate in his luxurious lifestyle, accompany him on trips or events, and receives designer clothing, an apartment, and all the amenities that luxury life offers. Or just an envelope with banknotes. 

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The Sugar Baby

Sugar babies are young and often very career-oriented (this is one of the reasons they are interested in sugar daddies: they can teach them a lot and help to climb the career ladder). They are often students, actresses, models – or just ordinary young women longing for money and a luxurious life. They want a successful, wealthy man at their side who meets their high standards. He supports them financially; often, his social contacts are also helpful for the Sugar Baby. 

How Common a Sugar Relationship Is in the USA

Now this niche is growing; major publishers are heating up interest in it, the BBC has made a documentary about it, people are sharing stories on forums, and production studios are making movies and series. No wonder many young ladies look for financial assistance, and mature men are ready to become sugar daddies. 

Sugar Dating is found over the Internet on special dating portals. A reliable sugar dating site is the best option for finding a partner. On sites like SeekingArrangement or MySugarDaddy, wealthy men and young women create profiles with photos, mini-info, and preferences. As with other Internet portals, contact is made via mail and chat. If both are interested, they get acquainted and discuss all the further issues. 

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Why People Start Dating Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby

Why do ladies choose an older man? Most people have similar goals, so let’s try to find them out.


Unlike wives, who take on rights and obligations, sugar babies seek only rights. Their goal is to stay in that relationship stage for as long as possible, when a man cares, pays, makes gifts, and seduces. Joint life, constant attachment to the husband’s opinion and routine, search for a compromise, coordination of plans and budgets, mutual concessions, and so-called “work on relationships” are too burdensome for them.

The position of such women is extremely pragmatic. Responsibility, building relationships in positions of equal partnership, and caring for a husband and children do not bring benefits and take too much time. A content relationship is a fast track to financial wealth plus enough free time for personal needs.

Strong Libido

Some girls literally radiate powerful sexual energy. They always attract male attention and use it without any hesitation. Such girls are skillful and insatiable in sex. At the peak of a relationship with such a woman, it seems to a man that he himself is insatiable. But over time, he will want to enter a physiological regime that is comfortable for him, and this will not be enough for her. A woman with a strong libido who is aware that she needs more than one man for sexual satisfaction can make a conscious choice in favor of an open relationship with financial support. Two or three generous lovers fit perfectly into her ethical standards.

Strong Character

Some girls consciously choose the role of a sugar baby and do not aspire to the status of a wife, as they have a strong character. They would like to have an even stronger man as a husband, but the truth is that the owners of strong characters cannot live peacefully within the same walls. So, such ladies like to have fun with stronger men without any obligations. 

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Why Do Men Become Sugar Daddies?

What are wealthy men looking for in such a relationship? Why are sugar babies often preferred to wives? In fact, there can be many reasons for this.

High Employment

One of the main reasons why rich men start relationships with sugar babies is the lack of time. Big business owners are always busy and have no time to build long-term romances.

Instead of long courtships with unpredictable results, these people prefer guaranteed attention, respect, care, and sex without unnecessary fuss and additional obligations.

The Need to Relax

The busier the schedule of a successful businessman, the less time he has for himself. And the opportunity to relax and unwind is valued more. Romantic relationships can give all this, but not everyone has the opportunity to court a girl for a long time. And some people don’t want to work harder.

A sugar baby is a girl not only for intimacy but also one that can keep up the conversation, listen, entertain and help to enjoy a pleasant evening or weekend.

Reluctance to Start a Family

Not all men are going to start a family in the foreseeable future; some of them are just used to being alone. And, of course, they are more comfortable in relations with a sugar baby, where the boundaries and prospects are predetermined.

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The Habit of Paying

Everything is simple here: men who are used to the fact that time is money, and you have to pay for any service or pleasure do this in all areas of life. And if an attractive and pleasant girl in all respects is ready to satisfy his needs, a man must thank her for these efforts.

It may sound a little mundane, but, in general, any relationship is built on a mutually beneficial exchange. And sponsorship is no exception.


For some, the patronizing relationship is an opportunity to show one’s masculinity and status.

At the same time, a man may not only want to assert himself at the expense of the girl whom he helps to solve material problems but also become her kind of mentor, a wise teacher. They are pleased when they see their ward’s success and feel they are respected and thanked.

New Impressions

Girls who claim to be sugar babies usually know what their partner wants and how to please him. They often help men to feel young. They are more relaxed than ordinary companions, ready to embody bold fantasies, and rarely complain of headaches. Such relationships are special in every sense, and many are willing to pay dearly for them.

Pros & Cons of Sugar Dating

Most sugar daddies say sugar relationships are wonderful, but, of course, there are benefits and drawbacks. Take a look at some benefits and drawbacks to expect if you want to find a sugar date.

Sugar Relationship in USA


Indeed, there are many benefits of a sugaring relationship. Here are the main ones.

  • Material benefits. This is exactly what these relationships, in fact, start for. Full funding from the sponsor is the biggest plus for ladies. What could be better than the opportunity to forget about material problems, at least for a while? Money is the main motivation for hunters for millionaires. 
  • No commitment. Relationships on a material basis do not imply loyalty to the sponsor (unless it is discussed separately). If a man claims your personal freedom, he will have to fork out a lot. In most cases, patrons do not care what their ladies do in their spare time. 
  • No deception. A sugar baby does not need to pretend that she is with a man because of great and pure love. The patron already knows what their relationship is built on. In turn, the sponsor does not need to lie to the girl about his feelings. This healthy approach to relationships greatly simplifies everything.
  • No housekeeping. It is known that everyday routine kills love. People may be interested in relaxing with each other and having fun, but not living. The sponsor and the sugar baby do not have time to get bored with each other since the busy schedule of the patron involves only short-term meetings. In addition, leisure time with a rich man is always very diverse – these are trips to restaurants, to the theater, social events, travel, and other interesting entertainment. All this is a great alternative to the boredom of family life.
  • An incredible intimate life. If people meet for pleasure, this makes their intimate life bright and rich. They are not afraid of their secret desires and do not worry that their partner will misunderstand something or laugh at the other’s fetishes.


Relationships with both sugar mamas and sugar daddies include some negative points too:

  • You can’t control everything. This lifestyle is not suitable for girls who are used to controlling everything. The sugar daddy “rules” here. The sugar baby can only adapt to his lifestyle, and in the event of a break (which in 99% of cases occurs at the initiative of a man), look for a new millionaire.
  • Society condemnation. You may not be able to tell your family and friends that you are a kept woman. Society has a very ambiguous attitude towards this way of life. You can face condemnation and even contempt from loved ones. This means that you have to hide your lifestyle or completely change your social circle.
  • Little chance to start a family. The sugar babies spend their youth in relationships with sugar daddies. When the girls “retire,” they will have little chance of finding a family. Firstly, the girl will have excessive demands on men. Secondly, it will be more difficult to get married due to age. There is a prospect of becoming the sponsor’s wife, but it is too small. This nuance should be taken into account by girls who want to become sugar babies.


All in all, if you want to find a sugar momma or sugar daddy, you should know there are many pitfalls in this type of relationship. Many sugar daddies are incredibly hot, so it is easy for a young and inexperienced lady to fall in love and suffer. Younger women should understand that becoming a family is almost impossible in this case. Two people must discuss everything in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises and dissatisfaction. Communication is the key here.

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