What Is NSA Relationship?

Are you thinking about finding yourself a NSA relationship? Do you want to have this kind of relationship with one of your friends? Don’t know where to look for NSA relationship partners? This review from our experts can help you solve all these questions. So don’t waste time and start reading everything you need to know about NSA relationships.

nsa relationship

What Does NSA Mean?

And so NSA relationship does not mean a strings attached relationship, that is, not a serious relationship, but a simple sexual relationship with an NSA partner, who will be your sexual partner. In other words, you and your NSA partner agree to have sex with each other, without commitment to each other, without marriage, without children, and without emotional connection. 

Most NSA relationships simply exist for the fulfillment of secret sexual desires, which you would never have a more serious relationship of this type as a romantic relationship, since in a real relationship, there is a need to develop feelings, in order to maintain sexual health. But in friends with benefits, or as they are also called no strings attached relationship, you just have casual sex with your partner from time to time, which is quite convenient and modern.

What Does NSA Do? What Does NSA Stand For?

NSA relationships are suitable for those who are not looking for a committed relationship, so if you are looking for a serious relationship where you will live happily and build a future, then this is not about NSA relationships. Below, you can also learn the pros and cons of no strings attached relationship.

strings attached relationship


  1. If you find a sexually compatible partner, your sexual needs will be fulfilled
  2. You can no longer worry about the sexual basic need because the sole purpose of NSA relationship is sex and clear thinking without eating your brains (like where you went at night, who you met, and so on)
  3. In an NSA relationship, it is easy to do birth control, since you must use contraception


  1. If you still do not know one person, even after one meeting, then it is worth having at least three meals together to understand whether you can feel good and have a great time with this person during a no strings attached relationship.
    Otherwise, this type of relationship might become dangerous, because the most important thing and the key part is trust between two people who will be sex partners.
  2. Most people, if they find out about your no strings attached relationship, can start to blame you and scare you by telling someone else about it.
  3. In NSA relationship, you cannot get other things such as romance, pity, and support for partners
  4. To find someone for a no strings attached relationship, especially for a long term period, you have to really try, because it is just as difficult to find a normal relationship.

Where Can You Find Your Partner?

You can search NSA relationship on various relationship search platforms. The main menu of such sites has all the necessary tools for finding partners and relationships. At the same time, of course, in the main menu of your profile, you will have to indicate that you are looking for a partner for NSA relationship or for sugar relationship. Otherwise, you will not be understood without it, and it will be difficult to find such a relationship.

nsa partner

Friends With Benefits Vs No Strings Attached Vs Sugar Dating 

In the table below, you can read and understand for yourself once and for all the difference between these 3 types of relationships.

The type of linksFriends with benefits No strings attachedSugar dating
DurationThe duration depends on the agreement with the friend, usually such relationships last from 1 month to several years.The duration depends on the agreement of the 2 partners. It can last from 1 month to a year or several years (depending on your compatibility in terms of sex)Since there is a serious commitment here, the duration of this type of committed relationships is almost always long (from 3-4 months). Still, it all depends on the agreement between the sugar baby from the sugar Dad.
Financial helpThere may be financial support from one of the partners, if there was such a condition (sex or time in exchange for money)More often than not, there is no financial help here, it’s just a relationship in exchange for sex.At the beginning of the relationship, you will receive as a sugar baby from $3000. Then the income can grow.
Emotional connectionThere is emotional contact, such as between friends or lovers.There is emotional contact, like lovers.In this type of relationship, there is a mandatory emotional connection between the sugar daddy and the sugar baby, as both partners spend a lot of time together online or offline discussing their lives.In this case, sugar dating is not always a physical relationship.

Relationship advice from experts: Which type of relationship to choose from the three described above is up to you. 

At the same time, no strings attached arrangement is as popular as sugar relations. Because the whole point of the NSA arrangement is an open relationship with sex or with separate sex, where everyone has the right to keep their partner’s personal life intact. The main thing that you do not choose is to have committed relationships that you and your partner will like.

Movie No Strings Attached With Actors Ashton Kutcher And Natalie Portman

Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman once worked together on the romantic comedy “no strings attached”. Kutcher was particularly impressed with Portman’s acting skills, which made working with her both a blessing and a curse.

Movie No Strings Attached

Ashton Kutcher Learned A Lot From Working With Natalie Portman On No Strings Attached

Kutcher and Portman first teamed up in the movie “no strings attached”. As the title suggests, this is a no strings attached film featured two friends who agreed to be physically intimate with each other while avoiding an emotional connection. 

Kutcher already had a lot more comedic experience than Portman. Despite the fact that No Strings Attached was Portman’s first romantic comedy experience, Kutcher believed that an actress of Portman’s caliber could be taught little because she was previously unknown with this theme. Instead, Kutcher got some expert advice from Portman. 

“I learned more from Natalie in one day on set than I could have taught her in a billion years,” Kutcher once told Collider. “She may have never done a romantic movie before, but she’s done so much work on so many different levels. I don’t know if I can teach her anything.” 

The Star Wars movie star disagreed with Kutcher, claiming that she also learned a lot from Kutcher during the filming of the movie no strings attached. By the way, you can watch the movie ‘No Strings Attached’ on Netflix.

Movie No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached: Rules

Some people think that having a free relationship in marriage is a kind of legalized infidelity, but this is not entirely true. Even if the freedom of intimate relations with someone other than the husband/wife is permissible, emotionally, the spouses remain faithful to each other.

Only loving and respectful people can build free relations. However, so that the union does not fall apart, the terms of the relationship must be clearly defined by the partners at the very beginning. This will help to avoid quarrels, scandals, mutual reproaches.

As practice shows, it is necessary to stipulate the following aspects before making a decision to grant a marriage the status of “free”:

  1. whether intimacy with someone else is possible or only virtual communication (for example, by phone or via the Internet). Some couples allow intimacy with one of the partners only in swing clubs, when the “partner for the evening” is chosen jointly;
  2. whether the spouses will live together or separately. The housing issue remains painful for many couples, but a free relationship can be built, even living in the same apartment. In the latter case, it is necessary to additionally discuss the possibility of bringing a lover or mistress into the house;
  3. it makes sense to discuss the issue of prevention during sexual intercourse and periodic monitoring of the spouse’s health, because the risk of infectious diseases increases;
  4. even after choosing a free form, the couple still remains married, which means that mutual respect, psychological and material support of each other, family holidays, and traditions are necessary.

Despite the fact that marriage can be called free, it is necessary to clearly define the limits of this freedom for the psychological comfort of both spouses.

What Is NSA Relationship

What Not To Do?

As you can easily guess, a relationship without obligations is an easy relationship where a couple communicates, meets, has sex, but does not owe anything to each other. And most importantly, they do not claim love and other serious relationships. 

The most important thing is that no one has a moral right to make claims against a partner, if he is out with friends or girls. At the same time, there are no such negative qualities as jealousy and mistrust. 

Simply put, people meet, communicate, have common interests, and most importantly, have sex. And together with this, sex must be liked by each other, otherwise a relationship without obligations will not work.

What Can You Do?

For many people, relationships are like hard labor, given the fact that they have exhausted themselves, but carry this burden on their shoulders from the position of I must. But all this is dictated by society, as our grandparents perceived relationships only as serious. Therefore, such a relationship is suitable for those who are divorced and do not want anything serious. 

The second point, such relationships are suitable for those who are constantly traveling, and on business trips, well, you don’t have the strength to build relationships. Better that way than nothing. 

And niche experts think many people will agree on this. And in this no-strings-attached relationship, you can safely talk about life, have sex for your own pleasure, and much more that your sex partner agrees to.

Who Can Help With Psychology In No Strings Attached Relationship And Explain What Nsa Means

Kornash lifestyle school and its experts can give you NSA meaning, and prove that modern dating NSA exists and is suitable for not everyone in real life. 

Everyone should know that NSA does not mean a serious commitment, but a more sexually adventurous casual connection with physical pleasure, while there is a possibility to hurt feelings of your partner during a no strings attached relationship. 

In order not to hurt your partner during a no strings attached relationship, the psychotherapy specialists at this school can help you and provide rings ideas for good sex between you and your partner.

No strings attached Rules


Such a relationship, like an NSA relationship, can be found on various TOP dating sites or in one of the best dating apps. So on such websites, you can find many last updated profiles of users. And in the main menu of the platforms, you can search for profiles and make a high-quality profile for yourself. 

In addition, NSA relationships are not suitable for everyone, as you could understand from this review, but this type of relationship is still quite popular. In this video from the coach, you can also learn important information about the No Strings Attached Relationship.

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