WhatsYourPrice Review – A Top Sugar Site Or A Scam?

There are many interesting dating sites with exciting dating concepts, and WhatsYourPrice is one such website. This WhatsYourPrice review covers all peculiarities of this online dating site. You will learn whether WhatsYourPrice is your perfect match or whether you should use other dating sites.

Whats Your Price Short Overview

What’s Your Price dating site is an online dating platform that works almost like an auction. Instead of wasting time and communicating with people who want to avoid going out on dates, users have a shortcut. The What’s Your Price website categorizes people as “attractive members” and “generous members.” Every user can choose their category. 

Simply put, people from the first category are sugar babies, and individuals from the second one are sugar daddies. Generous members send date offers with a monetary offer. Suppose a sugar daddy wants to pay $100 for a specific attractive woman to go out with him on the first date. The woman has the option to accept, decline, or send a counteroffer with a different price. Then users meet on the first date. 

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Who Is Whats Your Price For And Not For?

The Whats Your Price online dating platform is not your average mainstream website where you meet partners, fall in love in real life, and get married. It’s a sugar daddy website, even though the owners of the site don’t refer to it as “sugar.” However, all the WhatsYourPrice site’s features and peculiarities hint that it is, in fact, a sugar dating platform. 

So, who should use this platform? People should use WhatsYourPrice if they are:

  • Sugar babies or sugar daddies. Any genders or sexual orientations are welcome on the website. 
  • Interested in going out on first dates to have fun with different people.
  • Into receiving money for going out on their dream dates.
  • Interested in permanent sugar relationships.

The WhatsYourPrice website enables sugar babies to find ideal sugar daddies. While going out on dates, they earn money. However, many beautiful young girls (and guys) often seek permanent sugar daddies (and mommas). These dates enable them to find perfect sugar partners.

Given the information presented above, the following groups of people shouldn’t use the WhatsYourPrice site:

  • People who are willing to establish traditional relationships that can lead to marriage.
  • Individuals who are interested in quick hookups.
  • Users who seek friends with benefits.

Even though most people establish sugar relationships on the WhatsYourPrice website, the site is not suitable for quick sex encounters. The WhatsYourPrice site has a clear sugar daddy/sugar baby dynamics, where one of the partners pays for the other. 

WhatsYourPrice features

WhatsYourPrice Pros

  • The site has great activity among members of the WhatsYourPrice community.
  • A very attractive member base. Moreover, even sugar daddies are good-looking, not just wealthy. 
  • The site has generous members who pay money. That’s why the website is perfect for sugar babies seeking daddies. 
  • The website has detailed profiles to enable precise matchmaking.
  • It has an effective search system with a valuable search icon that you can find easily.
  • Safety and data protection. The website has an SSL certificate, while other protective measures ensure user safety.
  • Fun concept. There are “Attractive” and “Generous” members. Generous members send date offers, while attractive members accept, decline, or send a counteroffer. Thus, every member knows the price of the date.
  • Transparency. Every user knows what to expect. 

WhatsYourPrice Cons

  • You can’t send messages or exchange messages without a premium membership.
  • There are fake accounts. Typically, moderators try to suspend fake profiles, but some still manage to fly under the radar and annoy users. 
  • Subscription method. Users receive an automatic renewal of their subscriptions. Members who are no longer willing to use the site should manually cancel their subscriptions.
  • The WhatsYourPrice site lacks more thorough verification. Currently, the site verifies members via email addresses. 
How WhatsYourPrice Works


Membership is not a thing on WhatsYourPrice since all you need is money to pay for a date and credits to send messages. Sugar babies can even use the website entirely free of charge since they only need to accept or decline messages. 

Overall, two things need payments: offers (actual dates) and texting. This peculiarity makes WhatsYourPrice a free dating site where users are paying for what they need, which is excellent! Overpaying for a full package of features only to utilize a few most useful of them is frustrating, to say the least.

Free Services

The obvious free feature is creating an account. Use your e mail address to sign up, and you don’t need a phone number, which is good in terms of privacy. You can use a mobile browser or download this cash app to create an account, or you may use the desktop version.

Overall, everything is free on WhatsYourPrice except exchanging messages. Women may use the site free of charge. Thus, you can meet a generous member on WhatsYourPrice who becomes your sugar daddy or keep attending awesome dates and get paid for these dates. 

Free features also include viewing profiles, using search and matchmaking, and sending winks.

Paid Services

The WhatsYourPrice sugar dating website doesn’t require women to spend money. You may purchase credits to exchange messages, but it’s not necessary. You can accept, decline, or send counteroffers for dates. But if you want to exchange messages, you need to pay. Sugar daddies have to pay since they offer money to a woman (or a man) so she can go with him on a date. Prices depend on each user. That’s why the site is called WhatsYourPrice.

WhatsYourPrice Profiles

Profiles of all other users are detailed due to the platform’s requirements. What precisely do these profiles reveal to users? You can find out a lot about potential matches, including their body type (not by the photo but thanks to written data), drinking and smoking habits, children (if any), age, location, height, weight, religion, income, etc. 

User profiles also contain data about date requirements. Sugar babies state their prices, while sugar daddies set limits or add what type of women they prefer to date. The profile section includes standard information and two sections about the account holder. Users can add more photos and additional details about their hobbies and goals. 

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Who Are The Members Of What’s Your Price?

The WhatsYourPrice website hosts two main groups of people:

  • attractive members;
  • generous members.

Here’s a simple translation of what this means: attractive members are sugar babies (male and female). Generous members are sugar daddies and mommas. Sugar babies are often very attractive and typically young. They find it entertaining to use WhatsYourPrice since they earn money while attending dates. It’s truly fun to use WhatsYourPrice.

You can check out private photos of users that they post on the WhatsYourPrice site. There are a few fake photos or, rather, fake profiles. Some people even use celebrity photos, but WhatsYourPrice immediately suspends such accounts. The basic information in these profiles enables you to figure out the person’s occupation, hobbies, interests, etc. 

Signing Up For Whats Your Price Website

You must create a profile to find a date today. Before you go out on a real date, the platform requires you to add more details about yourself and your personality. The registration process features a standard procedure, but you then have to fill out your profile to add more details about yourself.

The WhatsYourPrice website doesn’t have the option to sign up via Facebook or Google account, but it will take you only a short time to create an account. Once you’re done with creating a profile, add photos and fill out the questionnaire so that the matchmaking system offers quality matches. 

WhatsYourPrice sing up

How Can I Look For Matches On WhatsYourPrice?

The WhatsYourPrice site provides users with a few search methods to find a match:

  • Create an account and browse through available profiles without using any filters. Typically, the site offers matches in your area since it tracks your location.
  • Use the matchmaking feature. Users must fill out their profiles, specifically the preferences section. Then the system offers a few suitable profiles based on mentioned tastes.
  • Use the search system and its extended filters. The search function narrows down your options. 

If you like to take things slow, spend time on the website and let the matchmaking decide on your future date. But if you don’t like wasting time, consider using search filters. You can find a suitable sugar daddy and go out on a first date as soon as possible. If you’re lucky, you can quickly find a suitable partner, and he’ll invite you on a second date.

Avoid Fake Profiles And Bots

Typically, moderators block fake profiles and accounts with suspicious activity. The website doesn’t have a great verification system, only through emails. That’s the problem. However, users can relatively easily spot a fake account.

Typically, fake sugar babies and sugar daddies use one photo; they don’t add photos from different angles. Consider using Google search by photos to see if this photo was used before. Usually, people with fake profiles steal pictures from other people’s social media, so this simple search should help you. If the person on WhatsYourPrice uses one identity and name and has social media accounts on other platforms under a different name, the account is fake.

Don’t go out on dates with people without taking simple precautions. Ensure someone knows where you’re going. Go out on dates in public places. Avoid revealing your home address, and social security number, and consider using a nickname or just your first name. 

Profile Pictures

One of the easiest ways of finding someone attractive on WhatsYourMatch is by checking their profile pictures. You can use the search system and filters to spot people nearby. Then check their photos. If you like them, consider sending a request for a date or sending a text message.

WhatsYourPrice small talk

Making Contact On What’s Your Price Online Dating Website

You can use the search feature and its extended filters to find a few suitable profiles. The next step is to contact the member (or members) you like and want to go out on a date with. So, what features can you choose? There are a few basic contact features:

  • sending a date bid (a request with the price);
  • sending a text message;
  • using icebreakers, like winks.

The WhatsYourPrice website doesn’t have a video call option since this feature doesn’t align with the site’s concept. The WhatsYourPrice site’s idea is to link suitable matches so they can discuss the price of the date. The website encourages people to communicate in real life rather than via video or phone calls. 

WhatsYourPrice Personalization

The WhatsYourPrice dating website enables a positive dating experience by offering personalization of their accounts. Users can fill out traditional questionnaires with name, age, location, nationality, etc. Users of the WhatsYourPrice site may also add a few photos, including a profile picture. However, there are other valuable options. 

About Section

In this section, you may add general facts. Add data about your education, occupation (if you work somewhere), or aspirations and what you want to achieve. This section enables sugar babies to add their date price and make their profiles a bit more transparent and honest. 

A Little Bit About Myself Section

The WhatsYourPrice dating site also has a more personalized section where you can add interesting information about yourself. Add data about your favorite movies, TV shows, books, hobbies, etc. This is a personal section. Ensure it triggers other members’ curiosity, so they pay attention to your personality, not just beauty. 

Most sugar daddies today want sugar babies with an interesting personalities. There are many attractive women, but sugar daddies want a combination of beauty and intelligence. They want to spend quality time with beautiful young women, so they are ready to pay more for dates. 

My Ideal First Date Section

The WhatsYourPrice dating website enables users to state what they want from a date clearly. Unlike other sites, WhatsYourPrice adds this section to enforce transparency. You can list all your requirements for a perfect date, and your date will know where to invite you. 

Interests Section

Take your time and create a list of your interests. Perhaps, you’re into psychology or sociology. Maybe, you are studying politics. Sit down and list every aspect you have an interest in and can talk about. It’s important to be honest in case your date starts discussing your interests. You don’t want to feel silly when not able to answer a simple question.

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Tips On Creating A Popular Profile On WhatsYourPrice

One of the main facts you should understand as a sugar baby is that WhatsYourPrice hosts many attractive singles on the platform. There are many extremely attractive women and men willing to become sugar babies or earn money from going out on dates. However, you may still stand out and create an appealing profile. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Post the most attractive and professional photo as a profile picture. You should grasp the attention of men immediately, and the best way is through the profile photo. Don’t make it too revealing, but don’t look modest or boring. You have to become “the one girl” for most men on the website.
  • Talk about the allowance you would like to receive. Or, since you’re using the WhatsYourPrice site, clearly state how much you want for one date. Your sugar baby profile has to include information on how much sugar daddies should spend to avoid misunderstandings and enable transparency. 
  • Don’t make it only about finances. Typically, wealthy daddies are not interested in “sugar prostitution.” Instead, they want an emotional connection and an interesting person to have fun with during dates. Thus, include all your interests and hobbies, and fill out the biography section. Make it interesting!
  • Avoid the “I’m not an average sugar baby” and other similar phrases. Tons of babes use this phrase which makes them average. How ironic, isn’t it?

Use these tips to stand out. Add photos from different angles to show that you’re not a fake profile. Hopefully, the best bachelors will contact you with fascinating offers!


Among all sugar online dating sites, WhatsYourPrice stands out for a few reasons. First, it’s transparent and straightforward. You will hardly ever find a website that makes it simple for babies and daddies. Instead of feeling uncomfortable when talking about prices, the site makes this “inconvenience” and benefit. Sugar babies simply have to fill out the date’s price section, which makes things easier for every user.

Second, the WhatsYourPrice website is fun. It features the auction principle, which spices things up a bit. Sugar babes and sugar daddies have a great chance to go out on different dates and meet fun, attractive, and intelligent people while also seeking a permanent sugar baby or daddy. 

Third, the WhatsYourPrice site features a precise matchmaking feature and has advanced search options. These functions ensure users find suitable partners. The website has a beautiful web design, and it’s easy to use all its features. The interface is modern and user-friendly, so anyone should quickly start using the platform. 

Overall, sugar babies and sugar daddies should consider using the WhatsYourPrice site since it’s fun and offers a new approach to finding suitable partners. You may have fun while seeking a permanent sugar partner by going out on several dates. 

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